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Year End Bucket List

June 23, 2015

You know all those things you’ve always wanted to do? You should dream and go.

This year’s life is not as a roller coaster as the previous two years. I’ve learned to accept and live a contented life beyond those rocky road I’d been rolling through. I’ve received a lot of blessings and love from my family and friends, plus I’ve already checked one of my goals which was to fulfill my brother’s dream (maybe you’ve read it) hahah. Ops! The year doesn’t end yet, I still have less than six months to do something unusual. Maybe the struggles aren’t on my way right now or maybe the plans are not yet on my road. But before this year end, let me share my Year End Travel Bucket List.

1.  Baguio City

This place is known to be the “Summer Capital of the Philippines”. Travelers love to escape the heat from city and enjoy cooling themselves with natural air condition, so do I.  Well, I wish to pick some fresh  strawberries from the farm. I wish to walk along the mansion and churches; overlooking the sunset at the Mine View; riding  colorful horses at the Wright Park; and lastly, I wish to feel how terribly and creepy to face those huge dinosaurs I’d seen from Jurrasic Word at the Dinosaurs Island in Baguio. Is it possible to do all those stuff for a half day? Ammh… Let me think.

2. Banaue

It might not an end for me to witness the natural beauty of Ifugao Province. It’s one of the “Eight Wonders of the World”. The rice terraces prove the Ifugaos’ creativity and ingenuity by showing to the world their engineering skill naturally just to plant rice up the hill site. See how genus they are!
I wish to visit this spot too (but I’m not really sure eheh..).

3. Sagada

Live like an inocent of nature’s wonders with historical affairs.
That’s how Sagada brings the natural beauty and history out to the travelers blank mind (maybe it’s me).  Sagada is famous for hunging coffin and burial cave that known to  be traditional way of burying people.  Then, one of the best might be feeling like flying in the sky while reaching yourselves to the sunrise.
Oh! Kiltepan I’ll be coming soon.

4. Vigan

Wow! to the “World Heritage Site”
Lately, this place has been part of the latest new wonders cities of the world. Wishing to explore the Crisologo Street, Bell Tower, Baluarte and taste the yummy longanisa.
OMG! I’m carving.
I can’t wait.

5. Paoay, Laoag and Pagudpud

(All photos credited to the rightful owners)

Triple view and fun. No one can stop me dreaming the church that I’ve wanted to see,  San Augustine Church, Paoay. The magical wowness will surely bloom my eyes with Laoag’s best spot  La Paz Sand Dunes, the powder like Philippine desert. Plus, the Bangui Windmill of Pagudpud.
Yes! This is my dreamlike adventure (Hoping you have too..)

Though, life begins everything with God’s blessings. I’ll just cross my finger and dream to the extend for this Trip to North Adventure. I may not do this alone but for sure there are people behind me who are willing to enjoy my life with this endeavor (I can’t wait to see you guys). So, don’t you ever limit your mind for something. Try to plan and do some.
Wait and be my guide to check this bucket list soon.



Lovelots, Bye for now ♥

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