What If

August 11, 2014

“In real life, love is just all purpose excuses of a selfish behavior.”

Love is Stupid
What if you repeatedly  fail in a bad relationship?
What if you will surrender? 
What if you believe love at first sight? 
What if you fall in love to your best friend?
What if being friends has its benefits? 
 Can a man and woman be friends without falling in love? 

 Here I am again, a movie fanatic. This August, allow me to express my theater hobby, my dear friends.

Friendship is the beginning of love.
A story is all about a man (Wallace) who newly found his new comfort zone and a best friend (Chantry) who is strongly attached by her longtime boyfriend. Wallace is a drop out student of medical school. He has been to different relationship and failed for many times. Later on, he meets a new friend named Charntry, who is an animator and live together with his boyfriend, Ben. In Charntry case, what if you won’t survive with your faithless boyfriend? What would you do?

 Wallace meets up with Chantry for an instant connection that lead them to a question of  “WHAT IF?”

Ops!!! Is it  bad to fall in love to your best friend?

 “You only have an instant connection: 
If you’re lucky it will happen once in a life time.” 

Here’s the trailer:

OOHH…  I had found something on my mind:

 I would like you to look over for some photo shoots here found on the scene: 

Daniel Radcliffe …(Wallace Zoe)   and   Zoe Kazan…(Chantry)
(Directed by Michael Dowse)

◘ Photos are not mine. Credit to the owner.
Are they lucky enough to be friends forever or more than that? 
Let’s find out on theater this 13th of August 2014.
See you, guys. ☺

Lovelots, Bye for now ♥

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