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January 13, 2015
“TRAVEL is about GORGEOUS  feeling of teetering in the unknown.”
I wish to escape my nasty times along the core of the City and spend my sweetest holiday out of town. For more than a year of working, not even having a break in the middle of duty periods, it struck my head like a fire. Have you tried to experience that? So then, I decided to do something unusual to refresh my days and when I get old, maybe I’ll have something to treasure. You can do the same too. Get out and feel fresh.. 🙂

Before the year end of 2014, I had a wanderlust-day with my fellow gorgeous travelers (giggle) (Not to say, if I am in. ehehe) Trekking around the City of Bohol for one day was entirely exhausting, worth and fun. Though, some situations brought me down due to my old shoes. It surrendered along the way. Well, they said “Mom’s knows best.” My mom warned me beforehand not to use it but I did. Ammh.. However, the day didn’t turn to something gloomy but it was fulfilling, exciting and more fascinating. And if I could use all the  positive adjectives about the place, I’d tell it to you. amhh!!! by finding the beauty of the place, I was lost.

Bohol is my neighboring province and for almost two decades of my life I finally witnessed the alluring views and tried most trilling rides. The place is a typical countryside than the other cities.

 If your were with me, you would surely…
*Love the Nature 
(Chocolate Hills and Loboc River)
// Are you into motherhood? Well, this is not an easy job, but it is the most noble profession in the whole wide world. It needs more experience to be the best mom, but it would start first into how you treasure during your pregnancy. Start learning while enjoying the journey of a motherhood. //
* Experience the adventure through the heart of  CHAP (Chocolate Hills Adventure Park)
Chocolate Hills Adventure Park is the Boholanos’ latest eco-tourism adventure park located at Carmen, Bohol. The place is an hour travel by van from the port of Tacbilarn, Bohol. The park offers bundle of trills such as the rush (bike zipline), burma rope, rappel, islands in the sky, canopy walk, jacob walk and many more.  The girls and I tried the first one. It was extremely fun riding a bike while viewing the chocolate hills.
438-steps staircase.. olah!!!! Too high
*Taste Filipino classical buffet made by the hand of Bohalonos
(Loboc River Cruise)
Is a bamboo floating restaurant that offers to all visitors a highly naturalistic experience of natures’ beauty and serenity. The cruise travels for an hour along the Loboc river and serves Filipino foods.
The serenade
*Witness one of the known ancient church of the city
San Pedro Apostol Parish Church is also known as Loboc Church. It’s one of the National Historical Land Mark in Bohol Island. However, it was hit by 7.2 magnitude earthquake last year 2013.
*Stand under the man-made forest 
Spread and Stretch up for two kilometers Mahogany trees situated on the border of Loboc and Bilar.

No matter how life drop your head down, still continue traveling and enjoying the beauty of Life.
For more details about our trip you can visit this site BreakAway.

Lovelots, Bye for now ♥

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  1. Hi Superlux, Indeed! It's beautiful. I haven't tried bungee jumping since it's too far from our itinerary. However, according to the resident driver, their bungee jump has been broken due to the earthquake. You can visit E.A.T Danao Eco Adventure for more thrilling activities. Thanks for dropping by. Enjoy your trip. ♥ ☻

  2. The trip surely removed your stress. You looked fresh…and pretty! I like the greeneries. The skybike is awesome, must be a daring adventure to try. Do you know how long is that?

  3. Hi Jason. I'm glad you've read my post. I'm also a reader of your blog. (ehe) Thanks for your compliment. Not so stressful stepping over 400-step staircase (hahah). The rush is about 550-meter round-trip zip line using a mountain bike to cross from one hill to another. Thanks for dropping by. ~.*

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