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Trip to North

September 11, 2015
Travel brings power and love to your Life” 
P.S from the start:
Travelling is an art of knowing yourself within the challenges you’ve encountered.
The adventure, expenses, laughters and sweats  are just a piece of cake if you enjoy a lot.  No matter how hard to bring all your stuffs from day one until the end of the trip, every moment is worth. As long as, you achieve your emotional desire to touch down all the spots you’ve wanted. Plus,  fall in love with a wondrous once in a life time experience is worth to treasure at the end of the day.
It’s been almost two weeks I had my first ever touch down to Northern Luzon. The seven days of extreme adventure were unforgettable. Everything happened for good despite of some circumstances beforehand. There’s always surprising if you didn’t expect anything and that’s how I treasured every utmost challenge, I had. I was wondering also what’s really special for those twinklings. And surely, the places I’d been were AWESOME. The people I’d met made my seven days so AWE-INSPIRING. The momentous experiences were AMAZING. And most of all, the ladies with me were AUDACIOUS to dare some risks and they’re the best travel buddies ever (and looking forward for another trip with them).  At the end, I learnt not to limit myself anymore. I wanted to go far away from where I am. I wanted to fly…
I wanted to fall in love my life… and I did everything for the first time.
Excuses before the trip:
I was doubtful to continue the journey due to some excuses: first, the typhoon “Ineg” hit the places days before our trip and there’re lots of landslide happened in the area, then I wasn’t sure if the place was safe or not; second, the original number of travelers would be nine but it became four; lastly, I couldn’t barely had a guts to leave my mom for seven days for the first time.
However, everything ensued in a right way in God’s grace.
(This is just a quick view of my trip to north escapade)

Botanical Garden (Baguio City)
Mines View (Baguio City)
Kilpetan (Sagada)
Hanging Coffin (Sagada)
Bell Tower (Vigan)
Hidden Garden (Vigan)
Windmill Farm (Bangui)
Malacañang of North (Paoay)
 I’m a little bit ashamed to tell you something, but it’s kinda made me proud to share my first trip.
Everything happened was definitely my (twelve) FIRST TIMEs.
1st-  First time… to travel by plane.
2nd- First time… to be away from home for seven days.
3rd- First time… to touch down Northern Luzon.
4th- First time… to try spelunking.
5th- First time… to see hanging coffin.
6th- First time… to experience a foggy weather.
7th- First time… to try sand skating and 4×4 rides.
8th- First time… to experience soundtrip on a road trip.
9th- First time… to have a long hours of land trip.
10th- First time… to know and amazed the life of Marcos and Cordillerans.
11th- First time… to meet northern people and get closer to them.
For the 12th thing I loved the most was to fall in love to the places that I had been to.

Achieved all the stars ♥
Manila to baguio- 455 bus
Baguio to sabangan-188 bus
Sabangan to sagada-60 van
Sagada to sabangan-60 jeepney
Sabangan to Abatan-65 bus
Abatan to Mankayan-30 jeepnet
Mankayan to Cervantes- 60 jeepney
Cervantes to Tagudin- 150 van
Tagudin to vigan-170 vigan
Vigan to Laoag- 100 mini.bus
Laoag center to Java hotel- 20 tricycle
Laoag center (after sand dunes) to Java hotel- 11 tricycle
Missin’ all the memories I had with these ladies: 
From the right: Lalaine, Mj, Grace and yours truly 🙂 
They were my university friends and a co-peer facilitors (Go UCLM).
“WE TRAVEL… not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.”

Lovelots, Bye for now ♥

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