Through the Peak

February 19, 2015

The moment she dropped her head down and up, and her naked eyes see the object afar, witnessing a purely white door like a box of her life. As she walked nearer, the object turned to light. She held the white knob. Then, she felt like a cotton and as soft as a pillow on her bed. She opened it in a very down tempo and spotted something special onward.

That special was a white satin spreading the entire place, silky and shining shimmering white with a small white box at the center. She slowly stepped down the floor and she couldn’t believe how it feels like as cold as a winter. And every step she made, illuminated the color white and turned to green such as green grasses, flowers and trees. The wind blew the entire place and the petals were flying around the place. She could also hear singing birds. Somehow, she was looking for the box, but she couldn’t able to find it since the grasses were long. Until, she found herself standing on the mountain.

At a great distance, she was viewing the whole city where she lived. The fresh air was thumping her whole body while watching the beauty of the city which attracted her eyes. For a long time, while she stood and staring over the entire fast-paced and picturesque city she imagined how life was so busy, full of wonders and excitement. She was thinking how she lived that kind of place in her whole life. She thought over and over the times when she was always in the city, the chaotic city but a wonderful one.

She stopped thinking and looked over the place again.

On a far right corner of the mountain, she saw an old man. The man was wearing a white polo shirt and white pants. He gave his sweetest smile while standing under the mango tree until she recognized him. He’s her grandfather. The old man walked towards her then stopped in a few distance.  He held her hands and said “Life brings you more days to celebrate the wonders of everything. Sometimes, you miss those wonders while focusing some nonsense things.”

“What do you mean and what place is this, grandpa?” she uttered.

 “This place is where you can feel the reality behind every reality.” he said.

“What do you mean?” she cried. “How come I found myself here and you are here also? What’s with this place?”

“So much to ask.” He smiled at her. “See the city? How do you live your life there?”  He breathed deeply for a while and moved forward  to view the whole one.

“That’s the place where I born and live, or maybe until I die.” she said.

“Yes, but can you tell me about your life when you leave that place?” He asked.

She laughed, “My life, leaving the city is chaotic. I could experience many things with my family, friends and colleagues. Yet, there have been times where I couldn’t find myself smiling, too much traffic, too much noise, too much pain and sadness.”

“But why do you stay in that place?” He asked quickly.

“But I don’t know the reason why.”

“Well, you have the reason.” He smiled.  “Your life is there.” And he turned his face to the city. “That’s the point. You told me that you are with your love ones. Do you think you will be more sad if you won’t stay there? Can you count your happiness instead.” He giggled.

“I can’t count.”

“See, you can’t. So many feelings and experiences. You don’t even think the positive side of life. You’re too busy with some nonsense stuff not even counting your blessings.”

“I don’t have time for that.” she said.

He walked closer to her and hugged her while he said “So maybe you need to have it.”

She was confused, but her tears fell down. She was trembling and she closed her eyes while hugging him tightly.

She waited for his response and slowly opened her eyes, but he disappeared. She didn’t know where he went to and why he disappeared while hugging her. She wiped her tears and gazed the sky. It became dark at a slow pace and the stars suddenly appeared in her eyes. One star seems so bright and she thought that she had seen it before. She heard a voice in her back, a voice of a familiar man. The voice that she missed so much. She gently turned her head and wished to know the face of that voice.

Suddenly, someone appeared from the dark. He looked good but wore a shameful smile.

He slowly said:

“Yesterdays dark sky
Blooms today and forever,
Special curve on the face
Of stars shining around the skies.

Though not feeling better
But in eyes of feeling best
Hatred flies through the rain
Leave marks and forever drain.”

She couldn’t notice him well, but his voice was clear.  She didn’t know what he means. She stepped forward going to his place until she recognized him.

Somehow, when she blinked her eyes and wanted to utter a single word from her mouth, he has suddenly gone. She glimpsed over the place and she hardly saw him even his shadow. She never believed her best friend would say those words. She never believed it happened for a while. She called his name but she could only hear an echo of her voice bouncing the place. She watched over the dark place. She was afraid of something. She was afraid to go far. She was afraid of being alone. Yet, She had been alone right in that place, she knew.

She searched the person, but she couldn’t see anymore. However, her eyes stopped at the mango tree. That tree was familiar to her. It’s the tree where she used to play when she was a kid. Even if she was perplexed, she walked forward to the mango tree and sat down on the grass while viewing the stars. Then, she heard her mom’s voice. She moved her eyes on the right and her mom smiled at her. She looked at her mom wearing a red dress which she gave her a year ago. She seems so lovely. Her mom looked like she never had worries in her life. Her smiles never fade when she walked leading towards her.

She hugged her mom. Her mom said, “You got hurt but you stand.”

She replied, “What do you mean mom? What’s this place?”

“What you act, reflects who you are and what you speak reflects your feelings.”

“You’re truly a great mom. You really know who I am. But, I don’t know what you mean. Well, I’ve seen grandpa and my best friend here, but they’re suddenly gone. Do you know what place is this? Do you know where they are?”

“Well, just keep remembering, forget what hurts you, but never forget to forgive and what it thought to yourself” her mom said.

“Thank you mom. But you don’t answer me.”

Her mom hugged her tightly and kissed her cheeks. Then, she hugged her back and smiled. Her mom held her hand and they walked. So, she walked with her. She didn’t know where they’re going. Still the place was dark. She can only view the stars above. She felt the moist of the grasses and the smelled the sweet flowers while the wind kept on blowing.

 Gradually, Mr. Sun was coming out of the east part of the mountain. She could view again the whole city and the beauty of the futuristic place. The rays of the sun were hurting  her eyes and because of that she closed her eyes again. The air was so refreshing and still thumping on her skins. They were going down the slope of the mountain. They continued walking until she asked, “Mom, where are we going?” “Just follow me.” her mom said.

After a moment, her mom gently released her hand. Maybe they had already arrived.  She opened her eyes.  “Mom, where are you?” She put her attention around and her mom wasn’t there. She called her name many times, yet there was no voice from the other side.

 “Where is the mountain?” She asked herself.

The place had become white and full of soft white cotton with pillows in each corner. The wind was  slapping her face and not as cold as a winter.  Yet, the city had been there and the mountain was nowhere. At the center, one thing caught her eyes, the small white box which she had peeked a while ago when she stepped forward inside the door.

  She was confused about everything right in that moment. The box looked so mysterious. She walked closer. She touched and opened it.  Light strikes on her eyes from the box. Inside of it was her reflection, a mirror. She glimpsed herself for a moment.Then she realized, it was just a dream.

She thought she could escape the sweetest part of her reality.

The End ♥

P.S º  º  Photos are not mine. Credit to the owner. ♥

Lovelots, Bye for now ♥

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