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The New Susing’s Guitar: Back with the first love

April 19, 2016
“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.”

Back with a song that I’ve always heard the moment I’m alone. No one ever dares to know what’s inside of in mind, thinking about you and deeply let the lyrics flow into my veins and touches my heart. To the moment where every beat, every line, every tempo sweetly speaks my emotions until the perfect time allows me to know you better. Back all those music I played with the lyrics I desired to say. Yes! I’m back with you, my first love.

Now Playing: Stuck 

All the butterflies I felt inside, never really mattered
Wishful thoughts and sudden smiles, end up being shattered
What are we supposed to be, I’m hopelessly addicted to you”

It’s been ten years of forgetting you. It was the time when I had a desired to touch every string even how it hurts my fingers a lot. My endless desired to strum and move my hand up and down though the rhythm was out of the world.  A moment where I couldn’t sleep and concentrate my lessons just to be with you. It was a time of my high school days when my dearest classmates taught me how to play and create a music of my own. Now, the memories would just never remain as a memory since I’ve got a chance to bring back those times again where I could hold you and play with you during my convenient time.

New Susing’s Guitar: The antiquity of business

Knowing one’s business is just knowing back myself beyond the art of music.  And finally, after long years, with my foreign students, I got a chance to revisit the most prominent guitar shop in Cebu,  The New Susing’s Guitar. This shop was known as the great guitar-maker in Cebu. It was established in 1949 by a merchant and luthier named Juanito Valiente Sr. The business started when the merchant’s products sold in a general merchandise store of  Susana Valiente, his wife. Until such the shop became prominent to its great quality guitar all over the world.


Then later on, Valiente’s generation got involved with the business and became successful because of each other’s help.  The family employed workers to cater the demand of the market and manufactures high standard products made from imported and local materials. As of the moment, the legacy has been passed through the third generation of the family. Mr. Lloyd Valiente  is now managing the shop and factory for a long time. He has a very kind and approachable personality to handle the clients’ needs. If you got a chance to meet him… Well,  his music is worth to listen and he might probably give you the biggest discount. (giggle)

Mr. Lloyd Valiente, the luthier and the manager of New Susing’s Guitar
(Truly, the music is in his heart ♥)
Daniel (A Korean, musician)
Sac (A Japanese, rock icon)
Sae (A Japenese, music lover)

 The days of  prosperity and its quality

 Honestly, I was amazed when I knew about New Susing’s Guitar’s achievements. It has been part of the various international expo commissioned by the Department of Tourism and feature its quality products across the different national and international shows. It has been exporting guitars and Ukelele around US, Europe, and Asia. The factory and show room has been frequently visited by famous celebrities and personalities.

Their guitar-makers are highly trained and considered to be the world’s finest craftsmen.They uses standardize materials and process the production of dried woods for a month just to make sure the durability and quality of their works with a mark of #PinoyPride. Each Guitar undergoes a process of wood moisture testers to evaluate the quality of the wood being used.They utilize a different types of wood made from the tree of Jackfruits, Narra, Mahugani, Ebony. Mahogany, Yakal and many more. And the extensive quality check will be done before its display.

Beyond the information: 

Going back to a simple things in my life, is what brings me to a song that flashes back a thousand memories. With the help of my dearest students, they let me dig into the timeless treasure of my heart. Sac was the one who invited me for this trip and I’d met Daniel, who taught me to play Ukelele and Sae has a  lovely voice singing her favorite song with emotions. Love it!!! At the end of the day, my dearest students bought two Ukeleles worth PHP. 9,000 and the other one is about PHP. 5,500. Nonetheless, the guitar shop offers affordable prices for everyone ranging from PHP. 2,000 to PHP. 25,000 compared to the other shop around the area.

Visit the New Susing’s Guitar at Abuno, Pajac, Lapu-lapu City, Cebu.  You may reach them through a landline number: +63(32)505-0723 or mobile number:  +63(915)670-0680  Open from 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. from Monday to Sunday. And visit their official website for more info, click here: The New Susing’s Guitar


Lovelots, Bye for now ♥

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