The Gift Giver’s Diary (2014)

December 22, 2014
“Those gifts are ever more precious which the giver has made precious.”
Hi dear, this would be my first public diary to publish on my blog. Well, allow me to do this since this would be once in a year experience which draws something special in my heart. I would let you read about the successful charity program I’d joined with my beloved group of friends last Sunday, December 21, 2014. Maybe you had read my previous post about “A Gift From The Box“, which I’d written earlier this month about the event of having a first outreach program after we graduated from university. Further than that, we continued the legacy we brought from yesterday until tomorrow. Take time to enjoy looking our pictures and read my story. 
My dearest diary, 
A few days from now is the big day. The day, which people love to celebrate and merry, occupied with a lot of gifts to wrap, preparing for parties and busy checking their Christmas lists. Some of them are enjoying the beauty of Christmas lights on the streets and waiting for the Mesa de Gallo at dawn. Everything happened for this season is special. And the best for this season is to give something beyond happiness with something from the heart.
Yes!!! Something from the heart.

My sleepless moment from night to dawn turned to happiness and success because my friends and I had been experiencing a long journey for continually walking almost three hours and more than two kilometers (from Lapu-Lapu City Hoops dome to Marcelo B. Fernan Bridge)  and give special gifts to destitute people along the street so they could celebrate the birth of Christ.

The preparation started on December 20, 2014 around 4:00 pm…

My friends and I purchased some goods in the supermarket. We had a hard time thinking about the best products to give and we needed to consider the prices of each item and the number of goods to purchase since we had few amounts on hand from the heart of some individuals who donated an amount beforehand.  

After we purchased the goods, we went to the house of my beloved friend Ate Charisse where we could pack the goods we brought and received from our sponsors.

Around 10:00 in the evening, we started planning on how to wrap our gifts. It was not easy for us to wrap since we know that can goods were a little bit heavy plus some other foods. Until we came up an idea for just less than three minutes. We cut and looked for supporter before we put together all the goods and wrapped. 
See how we used our initiative, cooperation and group power. hahaha. 🙂 

Tic tac – tic tac on my clock!!!

It was almost 11:00 in the evening, we began packing our goods. Each of us assigned to do something and we divided our task since we only had few volunteers. While the men assigned to repack the rice.

While packing, we throw some jokes and had fun of doing these heartfelt tasks.

After packing all the gifts,  it’s like a simple Bayanihan by passing one gift to another person and of course we must carefully arrange it to the floor. And  we put the plastic bags of  rice in a big box to be safe.

Here!!! You can see how we arranged it… ♥ from the sofa to the floor.

Amhh… allow me to enumerate all the gifts we prepared for our subjects.

2 kilos of rice
1 kilo of Spaghetti
2 packs of  Spaghetti Sauce
1 pack of Cheese
1 pack of Chocolate drink
1 pack of Coffee Powder
2 packs of Noodles
1 pack of Loaf bread
2 cans of  sardines/corn beef/ beef loaf 
1 piece of face towel
1 piece of  blouse (for women) or shirt (for men)
The Gifts:
Each person would receive these precious gifts from the heart of  precious people. 

Ohh… After our heavy task of packing all the gifts, we sat down and discussed our expenses. Why do we need to do this? Amhh.. It’s important to let all the volunteers and sponsors’ knew what’s going on particularly it involves money.

Are we too serious?  ☺☺☺


The bell rang for twelve o’clock, but still our eyes opened for fun, taking pictures and group sharing about ideas and life while waiting for three o’clock.

Ate Charisse, Kuya Jake, Lalaine, Brandon Jake, Joy, Grace, Cutie, Cheryl, MJ, Princess, Kim


Our watches knocking our mind and heart for this excitement. Somehow, we didn’t sleep for the whole night, so Kuya Jake cooked a chicken porridge for us. Yummy!! That was so delicious and muscles wakening.

It was as early as three o’clock in the morning when we went out from the house and brought all the gifts. We rode a tricycle going to Lapu-Lapu Hoops dome and got ready for distribution.

We walked along the street and looked for someone who were deserving to receive our gifts. It was totally weighty bringing all the gifts and even if we were all exhausted and low arms, but still we had the guts  to continue and happily posing in front of the camera.

Well, we struggle to find those individuals since it was too early and some of our subjects who were street sweepers weren’t on their respective places yet. But we had other options… we found some people sleeping on the road, searched for foods and scraps at the garbage area and elders who sell something on the street. 
They were some who ran after us and asked for goods. We gave and greeted them with a Merry Christmas and a smile before we extended our gifts. 

 Until we shared the last gift we had.

Ops!!! The day didn’t end there.
We continually celebrate this successful event. We took our breakfast together and received something special from the one who is witty, dynamic and active in this charity. A big thanks to Brandon Jake Baguio with his pretty much girlfriend, Joy.

We were walking along the road
Lights were flashing on our faces
From the sleepless to success
From night to dawn of happiness

Cause the joy we felt was worth to celebrate
And a million thanks for each blessing
For this year with full of grace
And being a Gift Giver is a blessing.

What I’ve learnt from being part of this event is not only about fun with my friends but about sacrificing for others. I never believe in one night of sacrifice and sleepless, I could be a GIFT GIVER. I was so blessed of doing all those things. I hope next year I could do the same. I will never forget the day I did this.

Because for me.. Celebrating Christmas is not only about receiving gifts from our friends, boss and family. We may accept a lot of gifts from them, but the most important for this Christmas is to celebrate it with people who are indeed of our service, sacrifice and love.
Simple deeds can be a great joy.
And a simple joy can be a great love not for ourselves but for others.

Truly Love,

Bonetsmile ♥

P.S. We would also give thanks to our sponsors. Even if they weren’t on the pictures, but we are very glad that they extended their helps by sending us an amount though they live far from us. And also to those volunteers who actively extend their service, time and effort for this event. Thank you so much for your generosity and love. May you have more blessings to come and continue helping others. God bless you and your family.

Merry Christmas and Have a prosperous new year ♥♥♥

Credit to Brandon Jake Thank you so much for making this video.

For information:
We would have another outreach program maybe the end of this month or next month. We are expecting gifts from generous people abroad who’ll send some toys, clothes and etc. As far as I know, the same group are requested to volunteer for this event. Anyone are also welcome. See you!!! 🙂 

Lovelots, Bye for now ♥

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