The Filipino Friendship and Its Culture
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The Filipino Friendship and Its Culture

November 14, 2019
“Ang tunay na KAIBIGAN nag papasaya, nagmamahal, nagpapaiyak, pero higit sa lahat nagbibigay halaga.”

Everyone believes that Filipinos are one of the paragons of friendship among other individuals in the world. We are different, and we treat our friends in different ways. Friendship means “KAIBIGAN” in Tagalog which originated in the root word “PAG-IBIG” simply means LOVE. As we have all noticed, Filipino marks the importance of friendship in various ways. Mostly, it is connected with the love which is deeply embedded by our own culture. We improve our lives together through our salient friendships, like the ones who are close to our hearts or whom we trust the most.

The sense of companionship Filipinos posses and its culture are directly linked to each other. The connection we’ve built with our fellow countrymen remains for a lifetime, owing to the fact that we share important commonalities for survival. We know how to defend ourselves, and/or protect our best of friends, not to mention their real value to us. We are bonded to dear life and death as we help one another to survive from various life challenges. For instance, when one friend is in need, we offer our hands to help without expecting anything in return.

We have this high value of hospitality. We love to welcome visitors at home, like during fiestas or common celebrations. There are some who are not even too close to the family but they are still permitted to celebrate with us because of our unique way of showing kindness that obviously makes us different. We also love to hang out in some memorable places together. We cherish all the waves of laughter and sadness as we share our life experiences. Furthermore, our dear friends are passionate about devouring delectable food from different cuisines available, not neglecting our very own Filipino dishes which we are proud of.

Above all else, we never pick friends anywhere easily, in fact, we choose wisely after several encounters. It is because keeping the value of friendship goes through diverse crises and in the end, we surely treat our best friends like our own.

“Friendship is a relationship with someone whom you TRUST.”

That’s according to Joy Marie Pilapil, who had been one of my colleagues for almost 5 years.

The Filipino Friendship and Its Culture
Zai Joana and Zai Sarah

This is really true! I have two genuine circles of friends. Both circles impart momentous experiences to my life ever since the beginning. The first circle is my childhood besties. “Zai” is our endearment. It means “a gift of God” from the Chinese term. We have been together since elementary years. Our long-term friendship has undergone years of trials and other minor issues. Somehow, our sisterhood has never faded, including the trust we have built for so long. We never forget to spend time, at least three times in a month with the whole slumber night of exchanging thoughts, funny stories, and experiences which I think is inadequate.

Filipino Friendship and Its Culture
QQE Colleagues

The other circle of friends I belong to is my close-knitted colleagues. We value such a relationship as for our culture by chit-chatting every vacant time in the office. We hang out from time to time and celebrate life as it is as well. Even miles separate us, it would never be a hindrance to maintaining our promising relationship, providing that, the most essential values of friendship comes from the culture that progresses for years and years, from distance to another and from poorer to richer.

On top of everything, a true friend is someone who will stand beside you through ups and downs and gives you the strength to continue living alongside the many wonders of life. That’s how Filipino Friendship defines itself.

This article has been published in PILYA BLOG MAGAZINE (The Filipino-German Lifestyle Magazine) in celebration of its 4th Year Anniversary Edition in October 2019.

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