The Confession of Light

August 6, 2014
“I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” 
-John 8:12 
          Once in my life I live in the dark. I become paranoid and felt stress. I couldn’t sleep well. All I want was to think every single details perfectly with a perfect LIGHT.
 • Yes a perfect LIGHT •
 I had a first acquaintance with a special friend of mine. 
She had a pathetic story to tell you. 
She has a confession to the world. 
          Yes, indeed!! for almost twenty years and half of her life she lived without LIGHTS in a small house made of scrapsIt’s true!!! She was born with just a lamp of light and love from her parents, and the other members of the family.  She grew up in the dark. She still remember when they ate their foods early in the afternoon and if there were times they ate very late, because they needed to be careful. It’s hard for them to cook and move at night without lights but they did it well with God’s grace. During her elementary and high school days, her friends and schoolmates kept on teasing her due to lack of lights at home. Even Christmas time they didn’t have colorful series lights. They just kept on watching neighbor’s house with colorful lights. Somehow, those neighbors laughed out loud to her family. They didn’t even know how painful to hear those sounds. They didn’t even know how to leave and survive a life with full of darkness. Sometimes, she would like to watch TV at their neighbor’s house but they just stop her and scolded her. They didn’t even know what she felt inside the darkness of her life. 
        Together with her siblings, they suffered too much. Every time she studied her lessons and did her homework, she must use the small flashlight from the lighter, candle,  lamp or else the light from the street post. Some people think they were rich and had a lot of lights at home because of her mom’s profession but it wasn’t as easy as that. They didn’t know the moment she opened her books at night; and her tears fell down due to painful darkness and aching eyes while reading and preparing for every school exams. Later on, a few friends in high school accepted her situations and indeed they were very kind and respectful to her family’s states.
        She reached her university days through scholarship and hard work. Some friends of hers didn’t know about her darkness until those very curious friends visited unexpectedly. Her heart was straggling because of what they knew about her situation and maybe she was afraid of bullying again, but she was lucky enough to have friends like them. One man whom she could hold about love also accepted her situation and even the man’s family knew and understand about it. If she had some school works, the man offered their house and technological gadgets just to help her in her studies. The man’s family were compassionate and admirable. Until such time she had finished her college and graduated. More than a million thanks to those people who understand and humane. Of course, from their kindhearted and merciful strength, the family survived and more than a billion thanks to the supreme being. ♥♥♥
         Guys, at this moment of her life, she feels so bless and love. And I am so lucky to read her blogs everyday.  There’s no such measurable means can be a hindrance for the biggest success in life but it’s up to the person. And for me, it’s more than success or even a greatest achievement when the time she had their lights at home. It’s been a year from now when her family gain it.   By the love of God, she lives a wonderful lights right now. She shared her happenings for you to look at the brighter side of your life.
Darkness is not a mean of gloomy future but it visualizes a brighter tomorrow. 
Just keep dreaming and believe in your dreams.
 God will guide you. ☺
*** God is so softhearted ♥♥♥****

 Good-bye for now ♥

Lovelots, Bye for now ♥

Lovelots, Bye for now ♥

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