The Best Spots of Camiguin: Strolling Around its Wonders

June 30, 2016
“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” 
– Henry Miller
Those who lives sees much things and those who travels sees more than life. It’s not a meaningless way to do such an escapade that can be treasured for a thousand times.  Never let yourself be like an empty glass, fill it  with full of memories until you’ll miss everything; and make it your past and the future to look forward. And keep it behind until your heart will finally dig it down soon. Let it be your reason to remember and live your life to the fullest. Never stop strolling around… remember…
YOLO! Go. Fly. Travel. Explore. Discover. Adventure. And take your first step at the best spots. 

Tictac-Tictac-Tictac… Three o’clock in the morning. Got up. Packed up. Heavy Rain. Walked down on the dark street. Waited for the service. Rode off to the airport. And made the sweet greetings to all travel buddies. (I miss all those things)

Boom! that was not my routine for my usual weekdays. I had to change it for awhile to clutch some unshrinking treks. It was another day to explore my dream and a perfect time to check my travel bucket list for this year. After six months of waiting, I could say welcome to “The Trip to South Philippines: Camiguin Island-Cagayan de Oro- Bukidnon- Davao City”.

For the first time, I got a purely serendipitous to roll the certain parts of Mindanao which endowed me to create a lot of remembrances and filled in my memory bank . That long journey took for just five days with such daring quest from the beginning until the end. Traveling from the air to land to water to mountain and back with the air again were the woozy trip I’d ever had… wew!..  and a simple way to escape my city life which was the best part of my mid-year, as always; and the thing that I kept on looking forward was to be with my dearest travel buddies Lalaine and MaryJane with my new found friends, JQ and Eileen… plus a cutie daddy and son, Kuya Menahem Noynay and Gabriel.

Camiguin: The Island Born of Fire

Wish to experience the beauty of Hawaii or Maui for an instant?

Amhhh… That line bumped into my mind before I took my a simple sojourn yet amazing journey to the mystical island of Camiguin. It struck myself with its splendid scenery as I got a chance to witness its alluring beauty. As we know, the island is the second-smallest province in the country and famous for being “The Island Born of Fire”,  because of its volcanoes which can be found every per square kilometer than any other island on earth. It uncovers the thought about the fire that starts to spread its light, and soon people mesmerize the beauty beyond its meaning. And to embrace its superb firing landscape is the same as to hook yourself with its culture that touches both Boholano and Cebuano culture.

When we were approaching to the island, the peak of Mt. Hibok-Hibok and the shoreline of White Island flashed my pretty eyes; until such around 7:30 in the morning, the plane settled at Mambajao Airport, and the gang passed over the hallway with so much fun until we reached the exit area of the airport. Then, we finally met Kuya Rodel who is our dearest jeepney driver, our tour guide and a friend of Kuya Teddy (the man behind  Pabualan Cottage and who managed our amazing road trip throughout the place) He brought us to our reserved accommodation. And after our preparation, we stopped at the public market and ate our breakfast, then we started exploring the Camiguin’s best spots.

The Best Spots of Camiguin

1. Pit Stop at  Mambajao

I’d never expected to swing by this area due to excitement while on the road trip. This picturesque scenery might be looked so fascinating and amazing yet behind this exquisite mountain ( Mt. Vulcan Daan) underwent a terrible forest fire happened last first week of May (2016). The incident burnt those greens down to ashes which deeply melt my frozen heart. For God’s guidance, it was saved by the good locals and recovered the mountain’s life. On the other hand, this place is commonly the first stop for every tourist heading to the Old Volcano.

2.  Walkway to the Old Volcano and Stations of the Cross

After having a short stand at the Pit Stop, (and melted my heart so badly yet still able to smile)  Kuya Rodel brought us to the place where we could have a good view of the island’s coastline and have our short reflection. Walkway to the Old Volcano and Stations of the Cross is a pilgrimage site for the Roman Catholics which has a 14 life-sized station of the cross located at the Mt. Vulcan Daan in Barangay Bonbon, Catarman (the mountain which was affected by the forest fire). In this place, every once a year  people celebrate the festival of Panaad or in the most common tongue, “Promise”. The holy activity observed as a renewal of one’s spirit and an expression of penitence.

Trekking for 8 kilometers high was not easy as we thought. While hiking, we were able to witness the full suffering of nature. Healthy trunks became brown, stones turned black, and green leaves slowly tried to obtain again its boom. The good thing there, the forest recovered slowly and healed itself. Howbeit, when we got a chance to reach the top, the beauty of that place never fade. Fresh air and lovely chirping sounds made us alive and the coastline view enthralled us to take a lot of pictures. And going back to the first line was easy as falling off a log though it made us felt so parched and exhausted, that’s a long journey anyway.

3.  Sunken Cemetery

The next stop was where we can find the large cross which serves as the town’s people, the landmark of the island, a tourist and scenic spot to commemorate the departed buried, The Sunken Cemetery. This place is where we can discover the giant-sized cross that had been driven underwater because of the Mt. Vulcan Daan’s eruption last 1870’s. Knowing the fact of this island is of volcanic origin with  four young stratovolcanoes lie on top of older volcanic line, yet  vacationists don’t bother the verifiable truth behind the island. With my friends, we never thought that way, we just enjoyed the moment and happily viewing its compelling attractions. 

4.  16th Century Guiob Church Ruins

Green… Fresh… Ancient…and  Holy… That’s what we simply illustrate the atmospheric premises of 16th Century Guiob Church Ruins, an old church destroyed by the same volcanic eruption last 1870’s. Soon as we entered the place, we were welcomed by the church old benches, sweet voices of birds, a freshness of greens and a calm relaxing vibe. This church stands for so long without a roof and the sturdy walls and columns are out of knickknacks but full of bloomed grass walls (might not be so obvious from my pictures here yet if you visit the place, that green walls are awesome especially during rainy season). 

Its beautiful physical structures attract sightseer and can be compared to classy ancient walls of other countries. This church still holds today’s’ masses with high spiritual strength regardless of structural devastation despite the fact that every point of these walls reflected the darkness of its past.
As we went further to range over the place, we noticed an oversize-enchanting tree that serves as a picture perfect for every traveler. However, we just stayed for awhile and strolled around the place for just about 15 minutes. After which, we went to the souvenir shop across the spot. That shop provides an affordable stuff for those who are budget seekers. A must visit too!
[Some photos courtesy of Menahem Nonay]
For this kind of trip, I highly recommend you to avail Kuya Teddy’s Camiguin tour package. He surely bids you with a reasonable tour that suits your budget like. Hear him through globe: 09175219391 or smart: 09392440521 or email at [email protected] Since we’re only just 6 plus 1 kiddie, we availed the service for Php. 750.00/pax.

The first-day tour didn’t end there. I had so much to share with you guys otherwise just keep updated with my next post “The Best Spots of Camiguin: Chasing Waters and Beyond” and let’s talk about how Camiguin Island freshen me up after those tender heat while trekking around the place.
Stay connected 🙂

Lovelots, bye for now ♥

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