The Best Spots of Camiguin: Chasing Waters and Beyond

July 21, 2016
“We lead our lives like water flowing down a hill, going more or less in one direction until splash into something that forces us to find a new course.” 

-Arthur Golden

 Oh yes!!! July is here. It’s another time to cherish the next page and shot good pictures of my life.  I’m almost half right now and what brings me then are the countless blessing and memories that would always be part of me. For all those years, I finally moved forward of keeping things behind. amhh? (well, if you read all my previous posts, you would know why.) However, the feeling of excitement for the next chapter is always covered with fears. This is what my comfort zone pulling me to linger for what I am and not what I should be, but of course, I keep on fighting for what life must be.

Dare to go Beyond the Known 

When I got stuck in one place and feeling venerable for what life brings me, I tend to seek something more without knowing the essence of going further. Being where I am right now never let me see the full sunshine at all though it shows a good mark with full of love and happiness. I’m too afraid to get lost again. This comfy feeling holds me to stick my art of tranquility that I’m getting used to, but it manifests the other side which slowly falls my lost dream away.

As of the moment, I am contentedly embracing my comfort zone and soon I’m willingly able to step forward and merrily accept the big challenges of chasing beyond the known. No matter what, this huge faith is always my weapon to fight my fears and reach the amazing grace.

The Best Water Spots of Camiguin Island

(The Lessons of  Chasing Waters)

 In connection with my previous post about, “The Best Spots of Camiguin: Strolling Around its Wonders” let me roll again my adventures in Camiguin Island as I celebrate my next life journey.

As we all know, Camiguin island lies with so many volcanic lines from the geothermal reaction of groundwater that produces springs. The island has a lot of hot and cold springs that conveys everyone to freshen up and enjoy the art of tranquility. For the next spots after those tender heat we had gone through, we finally arrived at the place of fascinating springs and white sand.

 While staying under the sun for quite so long and trekking wild just to see the beauty of nature, I got another chance to dare the awesomeness of life. After a long road trip with my travel buddies Kuya Hem, baby Gab-gab, Lalaine, MJ, JQ, and Eileen, we made sure not to miss chasing waters and explore beyond its dew. What something special in this island comes with a lot of freshness and fun. And because of that two days and one night tour, it ended up with a lot of learnings and a big SMILE. 🙂

Lesson 1: Things can be found in God’s perfect time. Just wait for the perfect place to stop. Sometimes we need to forget and let the world remember its importance. The hardest test of one’s life is being patient to wait for the right moment. Just go on with the flow and appreciate what will come next. Remember your yesterday doesn’t define you. It’s for you to let the destiny define your true life journey. That’s how chasing water is easier than looking for a long lost thing. Well, just believe that God’s perfect time is the best time of your life.  Just saying!  That’s what I’ve learned from the first thing for keeping things behind. Yah!

1.  Soda Water Swimming Pool

As we continued our long journey in the island of Camiguin, we finally found out that our tummies were calling for peace. However, I was a little bit complaining about what my tummies said. Yet, without any idea… our tour guide dropped by at the restaurant near the first ever Soda Water Swimming Pool in the Philippine, and that’s a perfect place to spend our lunch (don’t complain just wait for a right time). At first, we ordered then we proceeded to the swimming pool while waiting for our food. The place has a greeny-captivating landscape that compliments with the deep crystal clear water pool.

The spring water is not merely made of soda which people might think it is good for a drink, however, it is a purely fresh spring water and the taste just like natural one. It has two wide pools which are accessible for both children and adults with a small water passage to keep extra waters flow outside the pool. This place is situated 30 minutes away from Mambajao and located at the main town of Catarman, Camiguin. The pool is open until 5:00 am to 6:00 pm and the entrance fee is affordable to everyone (Php.20.00) 
 Kuya Rodel recommended that local restaurant near the place which serves delectable Pinoy tasty foods. Honestly, I forgot the name of the restaurant but surely it located before you arrive at the Soda water swimming pool. After an hour of having fun with fizzy water, we got to fill in our tummies. Yes! it’s indeed yummy and the servings are good enough for a groupie chow time. Reasonable and must taste!

Baby Gabriel, the admirable kid, was my first ever youngest travel buddies.  He made the whole trip so blast. Thanks to his father, Kuya Hem, who brought him with us. 🙂 
We dined the following:
1/2 kilo of fish (sinugba) – Php. 175.00
1/2 kilo of  pork (sinabaw) – Php. 175.00
1 kilo of  rice- Php. 100.00
Pancit Canton- Php. 100.00

Lesson 2: When Bruce Lee, my Tatay’s all-time favorite action star, said “Running water never grow stale, so you have to keep on flowing”, it made me realize how life must not be stock in unknown places but must slowly flow to its right path. That’s how waterfalls convey a wonderful life meaning that no matter what, just keep moving despite the uneven flows over those different hardships of passing the rocky roads. 

2. Tausan Falls

Life can be the same as a waterfalls which tries to take the rocky challenges after falling from the top. The next water spot is where we got chance to chase waterfalls at the newest tourist spot of the island. Tausan Falls of Camiguin has its own strong stream but flows calmly after every uneven flows from the mountain. It is located 6 kilometers northeast of  Barangay Mainit, Catarman. The spot is plainly made by nature with natural pool surrounded with rock formation and the strong current of water cascade is genuinely cold. This place has so much to offer that surely attracts the adventurists and mountaineers. 

Lesson 3: One key to step forward beyond the sweetest part of a lost confidence is to find out if you can trust somebody else again. The current can be fast or slow. The temperature can be cold or hot. However, the broken reliance in believing yourself again is what comes next if you don’t try to go beyond the comfort zone of different challenges. Though there are a lot of reasons to give up but if you have someone to hold on, you have that courage to fight no matter how the situation pulls you down. Indeed! hold those individuals who never left you behind.

3. Sto Niño Cold Spring

That’s what this next spot taught me to go out from one of my fears with the help of my ever bubbly friends. Even how tough to manage this cold water temperature, still it had so much experience to remember. Diving anywhere was not my type of activity because it’s too hard for me to swim. And I was too afraid of doing it until such JQ, Lalaine and the rest of the gang encourage me to believe myself though my trembling legs trying to fight the struggles of cold temperature. They’re the friends who never gave up on me and let me held again my self-confidence through that water activity and taught me how to dive even if people around us were laughing while I flashed the water so crazily. (hahaha) 
Anyway, Sto Niño Cold Spring is a large pool filled with captivating natural spring water. It has a 20°C cold water which invites you to freshen up during the summer season or not, and let you dream a wonderland winter-liked moment. It is situated at Brgy. Bonbonon, Catarman, Camiguin just 2.4 km from the highway. Entrance Fee: Regular (Php. 30.00), below 10 years old (Php. 15.00) Senior Citizen (Php.24.00)
Picnic shed: P75.00, additional P30.00 after 3hours
Table and Chairs: P50.00, additional P20.00 after 3 hours
Lesson 4: “Life is better at the beach and the waves of the sea, helps me get back to me” that’s what people said when the world turn upside-down. So, go somewhere you can feel the new life with so many good atmospheric vibes. Never chase the things can pull you back into dimness and “if  you stop chasing the wrong things, you give the right things a chance to catch you.”  No matter how strong the waves flash the mixture of all emotions just go with the flow and lead yourself to the place with full of peace and serenity. There… define where your comfort zone is… and then find out the better place to stay in. Just be happy and be contented! 

4. White Island Sandbar

A place with so much serenity and calmness is what White Island Sandbar offers.  This is the best place to let your comfort zone define yourselves and let you go beyond its limits. The good atmospheric vibes are what the sunrise and sunset best captured. The islands’ powder-like sand and dazzling crystal-clear blue water are very inviting and eye-catching. The ambiance of  the whole island never let you dream to go back from the place of your dark land.. char!..This paradise has so much to offer yet no enough space to stay overnight. Only daytime use is allowed and few tent food shops are available for those who would like to dine in. 
This picturesque paradise was our last water experience in the island of Camiguin. We stayed for a couple of  hours just to relax and feel the life of being free even just for a moment. It was around 6:30am when we arrived and explore the whole place. The amusing sunrise was hiding when we were there (the sad part, anyway). After 10:00am, the hit of the sun penetrate our skins so we decided to go back to the resthouse and our ever dearest tour guide fetched us. 
Boat rentals can be found at the seaside near Paras Beach Resort worth Php. 400- Php500 back-and-forth trip. It takes about 15 minutes travel from the mainland to the white island. However, if you choose to save a few amount and wish to visit the other spots of Camiguin, just take a chance to avail the services of  Kuya Teddy’s Camiguin tour package, it also includes your whole trip to the White Island Sandbar. 
The aerial view of White Island Sandbar
[Some photos courtesy of Menahem Nonay]
Exploring the mesmerizing beauty of an island is like finding your own paradise. That’s what I’ve learned while strolling around and chasing waters of Camiguin Island for just two days and one night. It taught me a lot of marks that life journey will not end unless you allow yourself to reach the acme of where you should be. 

For my next chapter. My dear readers… wishing you will still stay with me and be part of my life journey again and again, as I share all my stories here in My Sweet Promises. Join with me as I continue facing the freezing point of new changes and embrace the coolness of awesome life. 

Thank you so much for believing my capabilities 🙂 
Lovelots, bye for now ♥

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  1. What a wonderful post, Bonet! I loved the positive the throughout and the lessons that you accompanied with the pictures. Much love to you, on wards on your journey.

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