The Best of Me

July 21, 2014
 Can love truly rewrite the past?
They said, “You can’t forget your first LOVE.”
How can be LOVE unforgettable? 
I always believe a quote “First love never die.” It means that LOVE will stay forever in you heart and mind. It’s like a magic of  your life that you can’t let go of what you had and wishing for the time healing of a broken heart. Love is a fascination of time-moment which foresees the past to become future and tells that only true love awaken the sleeping heart. ♥♥♥ Ohh!!! I wish to fall in LOVE. (shhhh.. No no no.. ..giggle) Ohh.. To My Past LOVE, don’t you come in my way again…  If that would happen… So…
“I don’t have much to offer you but I promise, you can have the best of me.”

(Ops!! Just Kidding)
Absolutely, that line is from the forthcoming movie “THE BEST OF ME” from the bestselling novel of well known love stories author, Nicholas Sparks. The movie is directed by Michael Hoffman and actualize by the match made in heaven film stars Michelle Monaghan (as Amanda Collier) and James Marsden (as Dawson Cole). The story is about a lover of former high school couple reunited after twenty years of being separated from undone dreams they held together. As the past days become future, the two sweetheart will discover undeniable truths about the way they have made.  Is true love unquestionable? Well…
“Everyone wanted to believe that endless love was possible. “
Folks, you better watch the trailer first and amazed by the couple’s love story on youtube or yahoo movies.
Try to listen the song and you will love it.

(You can also watch it * below:)
Team Song: Running Wild by Jules Larson
♥♥♥ Let’s fall in LOVE again this coming 17th of October 2014.  ♥♥♥
I’m counting the months and days right now. Just Excited. ♥♥♥ See you…♥♥♥

Lovelots, Bye for now ♥

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