Sweet Changes

September 22, 2014

by: Bonetsmile

Downfall dark sky,
Leave the sweet changes smile,
Through special curve tearing faces,
Stars shining around your days.

Though not feeling better,
But in eyes of feeling best,
Hatred fly through the rain,
Leave marks and forever drain.

So sweet with changes,
Before wash away with friendliness,
Run away yesterdays dream,
Fulfilling more than now a dream

Happiness is on the way
As the stars live the dark bay
Street light so dim but bright
Behind the yesterdays so light

Sharing the unknown heights
Now revealed with brightness
Hold on to the curve wonder face
Future will be ready for grace.


In every part of our lives, we fall in a situation of hatred with some mysterious pain. Though, how chaotic it was as long as we tried to face it and be brave enough to fight for it; we could stand in our own way with God’s grace. A friend of mine told me “If you’re not ready, so don’t test yourself.” Woohh.. We need to be ready before we try to examine our emotions or else we may dump our own winsome self.

The sweet changes:

I really didn’t know if it was a mistake or a chance for change. I tried to test myself at first and I’ve got it… It was invisible at all and become visible again. I could tell how previous messy life change for the better. Even if I wasn’t there, as long I could see the change; I would be the proudest person, ever.
Here again.. I’m running wild.

Lovelots, Bye for now ♥

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