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Simala Shrine: The Place of Peace and Healing

September 22, 2016
Over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity.”  Colossians 3:14 
The greatest blessings from Almighty God are the people you treasured in your whole life. The people who behold the essence of being who are and who you would become. The bond that links your true life is what a family brings you. They are the most precious in this world no matter how topsy-turvy your world is. And because of having this blessing, I am here with My Sweet Promises. (Look!!! I’ve got a new domain.) 


 Family: My Most Treasured Heirlooms 

My life in the middle of my 20’s is not as busy as a bee compared a few years ago. However, time is still my greatest foe before and until now. Work. Blog. Friends. Travel. Family. It’s just a routine and to be honest, I didn’t give my full attention on the later one. Only a few chances to spend time with my precious ones, though my life is not just on the go at the moment. I admit some circumstances forget me the importances of holding their arms each day, but my heart never does.

It has been a long time of not sharing something about my family. I remembered one, that was the celebration of my younger brother’s graduation at Manila Foodshoppe and it’s beyond one year already. AMhhh… There are lots of memories to cherish, but not all must be opened to publicity and can only be kept by the heart. (Ops! here I am again)
Like other families, we have many mistakes, struggles, second chances, kindness, sweetness, fun, respect, forgiveness, and love. Somehow, we seldom go out and bond together, but all those things are worth to be treasured and I miss it so much. Ammh… until such I fulfilled one of my bucket lists this year… the blessings that I never expected. Reunite. Respect. Love. and Peace. For the first time, my whole family decided to visit Simila Shrine, Sibonga last month. And guess what?… We’re complete… Ohh…  GOD is good… HE gave me more than I wanted… And then the journey began this way…


 Journey to Simala Shrine, Sibonga

After a month of planning our trip to the place of peace and healing, we finally fulfilled it with a lot of things to remember. It was around 9:30 in the morning when we started our journey with a very heavy traffic due to the Ironman Triathlon event. It took about almost four hours and half of travel from Lapu-Lapu City to Sibonga (though two hours is the usual travel time). The good thing there, we had Sir Marco of  MPTours Cebu Van Rental who patiently drove us safely to the said place. Because of that traffic, I would thank God for giving us a chance to talk, tease, laugh and share some thoughts as we reminisce our old memories. We were able to go back on what we missed a lot, the chance to talk to each other and the bond that would picture an ideal love.


We arrived at Simala around 2:00pm. We ate our late lunch and started to explore, took some pictures and prayed. The place mesmerized my whole family’s eyes because of its structural design and a fairytale-like landscape. We noticed that most of the people attended the mass and the others queued to the altar of the Mother Mary. Since we arrived late, we had no chance to attend the mass. We preferred to visit the Mother Marry and looked over to the relics of Saints and more… Then,
we stayed for a couple of hours and felt the merciful power of peace and healing. Thereafter, we went home with full of stories to tell. The blessing we received and the memories were worth to reminisce soon. God is so good. 🙂

Simila Shrine: The Place of Peace and Healing

Simala Shrine is known to be the Monastery of the Holy Eucharist and the Cebu’s castle-like church located at Marian Hills of upper Lindogon, Simala, Sibonga, Cebu. The miraculous Mother Mary and other religious artifacts are home to this place of holiness. Eighteen years in counting from the year 1998 when it was built by the Marian Monks from Pampanga, after the miraculous events of Mother Mary’s shedding of tears. The place is home for wishes and miracles to those who believe the power of Mother Mary’s healing heart.

 The Holy Church has its own  unique picturesque structure which becomes more popular with locals and foreign.  All devotees and believers never miss to stopover, pray, and meditate to this blessed place.


Mass Schedule of Simala Church: 
Sundays:  12:00nn and 3:00 pm
Mondays to Fridays:  12:00nn
Saturdays: 10:30 am
13th of the Month – 10:30 am and 3:30 pm
How to get there? 
A. By Bus
From the South Bus terminal, ride a Ceres Bus going to Sibonga. Inform the driver about your destination and surely he will stop you on the road that will lead you going to Simala Church. Ride a motorcycle-for-hire (habal-habal) off to the place for approximately 5 km away from the main road.
Travel time:  Two hours and a half
Fare: Php. 80.00 ( aircon bus) Php. 66.00 (non-aircon bus)
          Php. 20.00 per head (motorcycle-for-hire)
B. By Van for hire
Van for hire from Cebu City to Simala Shrine is available at the gasoline station in front of the South Bus Terminal.
Travel time: Two hours
Fare:  Php. 100.00
C. Van Rental Service (for groups)

Travelers right now are looking for the most trusted van services in town that provide a low-cost van service. Here’s The MPTours Cebu Van Rent, which offers you a fair and reasonable cost that would surely fit your budget like; and let your family and friends to experience an amazing and comfortable ride. Don’t miss taking chances to travel around the province and enjoy the safe ride. For more details contact #09153312965 or visit MPTours Cebu Van Rental website and look for Sir Marco P.

(From Lapu-Lapu City to Simala and vise versa is about Php. 3,500 good for 10 hrs trip)

Hi everyone.. Here’s my loving mommy and tatay
My siblings and their cutie kiddos.. 🙂
It’s been a year not taking a picture like this. I miss it so much. 🙂
Oh! I love this one… the sweetest smile I’ve ever seen.


There’s no such a perfect family in this world. The ups and downs are part of being part of them. You can’t choose them to be part of you and neither they are. What you have right now is what the God’s greatest gift. Cherish every single moment and spend even just a day at Simala Shrine…and believe me… it would surely change the way you plan your next journey.
Lovelots, bye for now ♥

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