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Sagada Escapade 2: The Home of Nature

March 1, 2016
“The Earth has music for those who listen.”

When the nature calls my name, it’s a sign to unwind myself with its undying beauty. Its green color discloses the loveliness of life with an extraordinary charm that never fade into darkness. Nature is the heart of God that never dies and betrayed my heart no matter how hard to overcome every thrill I’ve encountered. Its lovely birds sing with a sweet thought and the river’s tempo would allow me to deeply breathe and disentangle  my memories within.
~I hope you feel the same~

Time may pass by but the beauty of natures always stuck in my mind. Knowing that, I can’t still find the word how it moves my hopeless romantic heart every time I stand in the middle of its alluring views and burst my stress away. I can’t help myself that I’m getting addicted to its admirable bloom which quietly grab my soul to get to know my bum.

 Eco TourThe Road to its Nature

Way back when I was at the heart of Sagada (Mountain Province, Philippines.), I never thought to find myself in the middle of the forest. I was just thinking caving is one of the best in that place, but I was wrong. Sagada is a home of great nature. It offered a lot of wanderlust experience about its life and beauty that I will never forget; and that’s how I treasured my experience on my trip while journeying its road. Though, the weather tried to spoil me, but it didn’t matter if it started to call my name again.

On my second day at Sagada, I chose to explore one of the common tourist activity aside from caving, with my travel buddies. We ventured the ECO TOUR activity that would take 3 hours of a loop hike to Eco Valley, Hanging Coffins, Sagada Underground River Entrance, St. Mary’s Church and Bokong Natural Swimming Pool thru small river, valley/canyon, rice fields and Sagada Weaving.
(Tour Guide fee: Php. 600 for 10 visitors or less)



 St. Mary’s Church

At the heart of Sagada, we found the famous church for its rose petals stained glass. It is the main Episcopalian church in Sagada.  This is known for its monumental stone church built by American Missionaries during the early 1900’s. Sagada has 95% of its population sharing the faith of Christianity.


Sagada Cemetery

This fascinating and not that creepy cemetery allowed me to take a picture and stood up in the middle alone. Not that horrific, but so wonderful. As well, the traditional burial still existing until now and how they light a candle on the grave.. ops! not a candle, but a bonfire and that’s how they celebrate the All Saints’ Day.


Nature Trill at Eco Valley


What did Eco Valley push me to shout? Well, this place pushed me to yell out my lover’s name and heard it back bouncing to the mountain’s voice while viewing a full fresh of green grasses and trees, across the houses on the left. Hahahha… That’s a magic of echo and after a long time of living this world, I’d finally undergone that moment. Somehow, it’s about 15-20 minute downhill trek towards the location of the hanging coffins.

Hanging Coffin of Eco Valley 

Nonetheless, I was surprised with their traditional burial beliefs. The coffins are hung in high-elevated cliffs. It’s about a century, when an Igorot tribe believes that the higher the body is raised above, the closer the person to heaven. It’s a traditional act during the burial to encourage many people to carry the corpse and it gives good fortune if the body fluid sprinkled to the person carrying the coffin. Shocking hah! Nowadays, ancient individual may choose to have a modern grave or the traditional hanging grave, it depends on their likes..  (amhh.. If I chose, I rather go for hanging coffin than buried in the ground.. hahaha)

Cave Cemetery


Sagada Underground River 

“Courage does not always roar. Sometimes it’s the quiet little voice at the end of the day saying. I will try again tomorrow”.
It’s a sign to move forward even how hard the current of life tries to drown us. It’s a matter of moving up and go with the flow of life and pursue the challenges of living this world. Well, that’s what I learned when I refused to pass the underground river of Sagada because I was too afraid to cross the river due to the heavy current. However, it took my breath away when my friends conquered it. They had the courage to pass the thrill without hesitation to say “NO”. I salute to them!!!
“Culture is an art of intangibles and tangible aspects of life.”
Frankly, I was amazed how the people of Sagada preserve their nature and culture. They have been bringing the heart of their traditions wherever they are. One thing I noticed, some of them masticate a reddish  small fruit of a palm-like tree known as “Moma” . That causes to stain their teeth. I was worried with a man who chewed and thought he might need to see a dentist right away because his teeth was bleeding. Well, they just laugh at me. (hahaha)
Moreover, the lovely day ended with spectacular adventure.
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Lovelots, Bye for now ♥

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