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Sagada Escapade 1: The Journey to its beauty

February 24, 2016
“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us. “
Traveling is a form of escaping a silly world and getting lost in stunning places that no one will ever know about yourself except those unknown individuals who offers you nothing but a smile. Otherwise, it will end with something unforgettable in which no one can understand the feeling except your only heart.

Sagada: On our way to its adventure

I never get lost in a place with full of heartwarming individuals who never miss appreciating their traditions and modern life until Sagada made me realize it. There are still people who know the essence of maintaining the traditions up to the modern life they have. For me, I had a short escape to know about it even just for a while. I had a chance to find a better place to meet new faces with my travel buddies. Somehow, the Sagada’s beauty and trills never fade no matter how tough to reach the place. At the end, it was another sweet escapade to reminisce.

 The rough road sent us off to Sagada from Baguio City. It was indeed an adventure trip yet amazing experience. We rode a GL Trans Bus (Php. 188) at Dangwa Terminal, Baguio City then proceeded to a tough and long hours of travel. We’re lucky enough to catch the last trip from Baguio to Sagada at 1:00pm. On our way, the weather wasn’t good. It was raining cats and dogs that cause a bridge breakdown (a connecting bridge from Sabangan to Sagada). The bus stopped at Sabangan, Mountain Province and we transferred by van going to Sagada proper worth Php. 60 each fare. Then after eight hours of travel, finally we arrived at the place at almost 9:00 pm.

St. Joseph Resthouse

The dark road was flashing our way when we were about to reach the magnificent views of Sadaga. We hardly spotted its scenery and the place still experiencing its downpour. The driver dropped us at the St.Joseph Resthouse.  We chose the economy room with common bathroom with hot and cold shower worth Php. 1,000 per night good for 4 pax. It’s reasonable, clean and cozy. I loved the outside view and its yellow theme.

At our first morning, St. Joseph Resthouse gave us an enjoyable fresh breeze while viewing the panorama of pine-clad. As well, it also offers cottages, rooms with private bath, dorm-type rooms, spacious parking area, picnic area, restaurant and conference/meeting hall for those who love staying a place with nature’s undying beauty.

This room is good for Php. 2,200 per night with private hot bath good for 4 pax.
At first, we decided to get this room but we preferred to choose the cheapest one.

Kiltepan with its Heartwarming View

The fresh breeze of air touches my skin, it’s a sign to get up and witness the sunrise which always be an invitation to brighten my day. And that’s how Mr. Sun opens my mind when he calls my name. It gives me hope to believe that the beauty of nature always touches someone’s heart.

Mt. Kiltepan gave me chances to have a wonderful day to keep a wondrous memory with its heartwarming view and amazing sea of clouds. It is situated almost three and a half kilometers from the town center and just about 40-minute walk or 10-minute ride with a fixed amount of transportation fee: Php.500.  At the moment of its beautiful place, it has a great scenic view of rice terraces and lovely people spend time with their loved ones at the hilltops together. And that made me fell in love too, as I marked my first day with my lovely travel buddies at Sagada. That was indeed a great time to raise up my hands and energize while embracing the warm greetings of nature at the point of Mt. Kiltepan.

And still it was dark and very cold.
(Mj, Lalaine, Bonetsmile, Grace)
After waiting for a short while, we started to view the sunrise from the top of Mt. Kiltepan.
It’s fascinating, indeed!!!
The beautiful silhouette of my dear friend Lalaine while gaping at the stunning sea of clouds.

Special Breakfast @ Cafe Bodega

A cozy place to dine is what Cafe Bodega brought us after witnessing the sea of clouds at Mt. Kiltepan. A huge place for diners was once became a stock room. Then after a wise decision of the a owner, they came up with a fabulous interior design, marks with Filipino modern style. This cafe serves delectable and affordable Sagada’s local favorites with special hot brewed Arabica coffee and mountain tea. It is located inside the green-lush compound of Rock Farm, just few meters away from Mt. Kiltepan. It has become a popular dining destination throughout the years. So, must include this in your itinerary!!!

A simple thing to cast my mind back to those cold weather with people who taught me a lot of things about the different tribes and traditions of Igorot and Kankanaey dialect; they have always been in my heart. That’s how precious and remarkable my first day at Sagada, but before it ended so well, I had tried my very first spelunking adventure at the two most prominent caves which is known to be “The Connective Cave of Lumiang and Sumaguing Cave”… read it on my next post. ☺ Thanks!

Laylaydek sik-a Sagada
(I love you Sagada)

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Lovelots, Bye for now ♥

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  1. Sagada has always been my favorite destination. Perfect for quiet soul searching and emotional convalescence! But I've missed the Kiltepan sunrise when I went there last Feb 2015 because of the bad weather. I'll definitely revisit this place.

  2. "Perfect for quiet soul searching and emotional convalescence!"

    A perfect line for a beautiful place, Sagada. Thanks for dropping by!!! It was August last year when I went there after a heavy typhoon happened. However, we're just lucky enough to see the sunrise at Kiltepan thought it wasn't perfect scenery but indeed fascinating. You must revisit the place. 🙂

    By the way, I visited your blog again and the theme was awesome. Congratulation, Jayson. 🙂

  3. I was in Sagada almost 20 years back now, ate in that same restaurant, and went down into those same caves. It is great to see some pictures of it again and remember what it was like, what a great place.

    I enjoyed your post.

  4. Hello I'm new to your wonderful blog. The pictures look breathtaking. The sea of clouds at Mt kiltepan and the beauty of the valley just makes me want to go there to write and reflect. I want to see your post on the caves.

  5. Thank you so much for your words. Sagada is indeed a beautiful place to visit. Take time to trip and surely you would feel in love with its wonderful place. Soon I'll post about my spelunking experience. Thanks again. 🙂

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