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A Quick Trip Around Siquijor Island

December 12, 2018

Hello, it’s been a long time when I last checked my blog. Yes! it’s almost a year and a half when I last posted on My Sweet Promises. I was a bit busy doing some office works, teaching my foreign students, having short excursions, spending time with people I love and thinking on what to write. And honestly, I’m demotivated and always out of thoughts. As an amateur blogger, if  people around you never believe in your capability to write, probably you would get lost. Now, I am endeavoring again to find some reasons why I publish my writings.  I wish this would be one of the great steps to start up a new journey with you guys.

Wish me luck!

Let me start everything up with my mystical trip in Siquijor Island. It was a whole weekend sojourn with my high school friends and Omnom (tadah! finally, I had that getaway trip with them). The plans started few months prior to everything and undoubtedly, it ended bear fruit.

A quick route…

On the day of our trip, we decided to meet at South Bus Terminal (SBT), Cebu City at around 11:00pm, Thursday night. We preferably chose a night trip to avoid the bottleneck and then around 12:00 midnight, the journey to Liloan, Santander began.  It was a quite smooth transfer which took almost 5 hours. Next, we just waited a short time to get ready for the next stop from Liloan, Santander to Sibulan, Negros Oriental by ferry boat. From that spot, we made our way to Dumaguete Port. From there, we rode a fast craft ferry boat to the mystical island. In the end, after traveling for about 6 to 7 hours, we managed to say “Hello Siquijor Island”.

Let me do the fast story line… 

As soon as we arrived at the place, we never missed taking some pictures around the area. Then, we rented a motorbike at Green Monkey Bike Rental just located near the main entrance of Siquijor Pier. You can rent a motorbike for as low as 350 php for 24 hours (note: check your time of rental). Next, we checked in to our accommodation at Marco Polo, Talisay View Inn at Poblacion, San Juan after preparing ourselves and everything before we recommenced our journey .

Here are some places we’d visited chronologically for two days trip:

Day 1

1.  St. Francis Of Assisi Parish 

This is the first spot where you can easily drop by and take some shots located near the port and the public market.

2. Century Old Balete Tree 

This is one of the most popular Balete trees in the Philippines. It is about 8 meters up to 20 meters high from the roots to its trunk, and the leaves are said to be 6-9 centimeters long. It is 400-plus year-old and it’s located along the road of Brgy. Campalanas, Lazi. Most local and foreigner tourists love to do the fish spa (Garra Rufa fish). Near the area you can dine in and have or grab some exquisite souvenir items.

3. Lagaan Falls 

This is a mini water falls located at Kinamandagan, Lazi and it’s just a few minutes drive from Balete Tree. It takes 5 minutes trekking from the main entrance through the waterfalls. Then, you can try the water slide and the adventure water swing. A must visit and have some tranquility.

4. Salagdoong Beach 

The most famous beach in Siquijor where you can pass through the man-made forest and experience the  most exciting and thrilling cliff jumping spot to the crystal waters. Most travelers prefer to dine in and grab some cold street ice cream sold by local vendors in this place. It has a stunning shoreline with clear white sand as well.

5. Paliton Beach 

My most-loved among the places. Why? I so love the sunset and its powdery-fine white sand. It’s a public place where everyone are free to enter and witness the jaw-dropping perfect sunset.

We toured around the island for the first day starting at 10:00am from Talisay View Inn, Poblacion, San Juan. ->  Balete Tree ->Lagaan Falls-> Salandoong -> round the circumferential road and stopped by at Paliton Beach and back to the accommodation by 6:30pm.

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Day 2

1. Capilay Spring Park

One of the commonly visit spots among the people who love to relax with the family and friends is the Capilay Spring Park. Its clean and greens around the area are seemingly priceless. It is situated in the town of San Juan and is just adjacent to the main road. It’s accessible to everyone. This spring park is open to the public and you can swim for only 20 php swimming fee.  Food served at the Capilay Canteen is delectable and good for your appetite. Try it!

2. Cantabon Cave

This is known to be one of the most-visited and adventurous caving spot in the Philippines located at the center of Siquijor island. It is 18 meters long (and 16 meters trek back and forth) and has a lot of stunning rock formations. You would also be mesmerized by the real diamond being a part of it inside the cave. About 1-3 hours of caving experience can be enjoyed depending on you time allocation.


3. Saki Restaurant

Right after caving, you can drop by at the Saki Restaurant situated at Barangay Pili and it is a few meters away from the Cantabon Cave. This place is a mountain resort and restaurant where you can view the marvelous beauty of the island. It serves scrumptious Japanese and other Asian dishes where you can savor the view and linger there while dining in.

4. Guiwanon Spring Park

If you wish to visit a solemn-like exclusive mangrove forest park, Guiwanon Spring Park is the best for you. You can reach the place along the highway of Barangay Luyang. It is one of the most popular tourist spots in Siquijor island because of its mangrove preservation and protected area. The spring water is a bit cold and clear.  A must visit!

5. Cambugahay Falls

I love chasing waterfalls! Yes, it’s true… when I saw Cambugahay falls with my friends, I was very captivated by its purely clear and blue 3-tiered waterfall and its swimming hole. It is just located in Lazi and it’s along the main central road of the island. It can be reached by a short hike with stairs moving up from the main road.

6. San Isidro Labrador Church

This is one of the oldest churches in Siquijor with its traditionally built-in stones and hard-wooden canvass by Filipino artisans. The place is near the largest and oldest convent in Asia. You can reach the place along the central of Lazi and it’s where you can have solemn prayers. Keep some moments splendid.

We explored the center and the mountain zone of the island on the second day starting at 9:00am from Calipay Spring Park -> Saki restaurant -> Guiwanon Spring Park-> across the central road to Cambugaya Falls-> and passed by the San Isidro Church and back to the accommodation by 6:30pm.


  • 700- motorcycle for rent (2 days)
    10- Century Old Balete Tree (entrance fee)
    10- Century Old Balete (parking fee)
    10- Lagaan Water falls (parking fee)
    50- Lagaan Waterfalls (entrance fee)
    70-Salagdoong beach (entrance and parking fee)
    166-Cantabon Cave (entrance fee with tour guide good for 1  divided by 8 people)
    10- Guiwanon Spring Park (entrance fee)
    10- Cambugayahay Falls (parking fee)


Transportation Expenses


  • 215-SBT to Liloan Santandar (bus) 215
    70-Liloan to Sibulan (ferry)
    20-Sibulan to Dumaguete port (tricycle)
    150-Dumaguete to Siquijor Alison FastCraft (Ferry-5:30am)
    15-Terminal fee Dumaguete
    470 TOTAL


  • 150-Siquijor to Dumaguete Alison FastCraft (Ferry-7:30am)
    30-Dumaguete Sangi to Sibulan port (Tricycle)
    70- Sibulan to Liloan Santander (ferry)
    150-Liloan Santander to SBT (bus)
    400 TOTAL

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