Pizza Republic Pick + Mix by Giuseppe Genco

October 13, 2014
Never stop doing little things for others. Sometimes those little things occupy the biggest part of their hearts.”
One thing never change for a friend who left us for quite months and bring back her wonder and powerful laughters is her mix and being natural of all aspects. This is how Lindsey, my former colleague, never stop doing such things to make me smile in my downfall due to some nonsense one. amhh… Her contiguous laughters and giggle moments with her specials can let your ears stand and stop talking ‘coz the words she said can tickle your  whole body. 
Happy birthday Lindsey ♥♥♥ (eheheh) 
With her generosity, she made us a very special pizza night…  of course with my wonder girls who are my secret cheerleaders of all time inside my job. hahahha I had with  Kiara (The sweet but vigorous), Lotes (The silent but firm) and Jay-ann (The modest but happy eater) 
We had our very first DIY of Pizza at Pizza Republic Pic + Mix by Giuseppe Genco  located at Salinas Drive, Lahug, Cebu City. 
This is how Lindsey stay petite in her pizza flavor and too excited to mix. 
This pizza house drives you crazy with different mix of toppings at least 60 available and  allow you to be more creative and be a discoverer of your own taste of pizza for just Php. 245 only. 
Sounds good, right? ammhh…
You must be the one to decide your yummy toppings to put on your dough. 
Take a look!!!
The staff prepares your crunchy dough and then choose your sauce. ☻
Add your special cheese and meat ☻
Plus spices and more… ♥
Don’t forget to load with veggies… ☻
☻♥Finish ♥☻
This is it.
Our very own DIY mouthwatering Pizza
ohh!! Drinks ♥ Grab yours. 
Check out the place: 

We took a pose for momentous ♥
That was just a once in a life time chance to celebrate and had fun with them. I will never know if it will happen again. I do love collecting this memories and save these shots in my blog and hope for another click next time. ♥ 

Try to have fun with friends out from the crunch of Pizza. 
Eat more. ☻

Lovelots, Bye for now ♥

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