Dahilayan Adventure Park

“To adventure is to find yourself whole.” Great things await and countless adventures lie beyond us. It is what gives life a lot of meanings and fun. It begins if we start searching what makes us whole. It is a simple way to embrace ourselves, and fulfill our self-gratification of achieving something out of our own expectations by just […]

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Cebu | Sibunga

Simala Shrine: The Place of Peace and Healing

“Over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity.”  ~ Colossians 3:14  The greatest blessings from Almighty God are the people you treasured in your whole life. The people who behold the essence of being who are and who you would become. The bond that links your true life is […]

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Dessert Factory: The Sweet Thought of Ending a Day

“Add life to your day and end something SWEET”  Every single end of the day, it might turn into something worth to cherish or something your heart sinks. Every moment has its own flavour to taste which create meanings and wonders that you will never forget. It might be bitter, sour, spicy or sweet. Whatever flavour […]

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The Best Spots of Camiguin: Chasing Waters and Beyond

“We lead our lives like water flowing down a hill, going more or less in one direction until splash into something that forces us to find a new course.”  -Arthur Golden  Oh yes!!! July is here. It’s another time to cherish the next page and shot good pictures of my life.  I’m almost half right now […]

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