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Osmeña Peak II: The Journey to the Last Frontier

October 7, 2015
Life is the greatest journey that you will never be alone. Even the twilight and dawn won’t stop you to take your single step on high. It’s better to begin the journey with people who keep you in their heart because the adventure of your life wouldn’t be meaningful without them. The days are long and nights aren’t too short. Take risks with their ups and downs but never forget to trek along with the journey that we called LIFE with no regrets.
Your feet might bring you far from what you’ve wanted and you might be going anywhere. You complain about what you’ve achieved and wish to stop even if you haven’t reached on the top yet; however, it isn’t about the destination or the lowest point that keep on pulling you down, but to hold out the journey to the highest acme of your life and be the last frontier. And years may pass, but the moment with people who are near to your heart won’t miss every step you take just to walk high with you to the highest point and behold the beauty of life.
My Guidance Family has been part of me since the day I met them (almost a decade of friendship). The gigs conquered the trail of Osmeña Peak, the highest point of Cebu, Philippines. It was a real adventure. We woke up as early as 2:00 in the morning and some of us hadn’t had enough sleep. We traveled from the city to Dalaguete. Then, we rode a motorcycle going to the foothills and we walked to the hilltop. We stayed for a while and after a long journey from the mountain we proceeded to Kawasan Falls, Badian, Cebu. It took an hour by motorcycle and it’s worth P350/person. The rain, mud, body pain and sleepless moments wouldn’t be a reason for us to say NO for that kind of adventure.
That was a breathtaking journey.
 Although, it’s my second time to visit the place, still the nature never miss me to amaze its beauty. It was a big “WOW” and it’s nice to be the last frontier together with my Guidance Family.
The adventure is out there and it’s up to you to try it.
You may check my previous post about Osmeña Peak for more information on how to get there.


Lovelots, Bye for now ♥

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  1. Hi Bonet,

    Just wondering at what time did you start climbing? We want to catch the sunrise, but not considering to stay overnight day before, we dont have tent. And we would like to go to kawasan to afterwards.

    Are there guide already there early in the morning?


  2. Hi Dexie,

    It was almost 6:00 am when we started to climb. You can catch the sunrise around 5:00 and it's safe to go there earlier. Most of the tour guides are kids. You can have them any time. They would just show your way to the hilltop. Somehow, it's fine not to have a tour guide. It's possible also to visit Kawasan after Osmeña Peak. Just negotiate the habal-habal driver before you climb so they would just wait for you at the foothill.

    🙂 Enjoy your trip.

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