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Obong Spring

May 27, 2014
Trip 02: Obong Spring Escapade
“We invest so much time in meaningless things that bring us little satisfaction,
 when everything we need to fill us 
with joy is within us!”
One of the best spot in the Summer Capital of Cebu is the refreshing Obong spring at Balud, Dalaguete. You can travel 2 to 3 hours from the City and take a bus from South Terminal going to the place. It is located near the beach with cool seawater.  The water is a mixture of a little bit salty and spring since it is near the open sea but it is indeed cold, clear and clean. 
Romantic tree
♦ The stunning ♦
♦ The enchanting ♦ 
♦ The captivating ♦
 Connecting water from the sea to the spring
The spring is not really divided into kids and adult area but there is a good portion for kids.  The spring is open to the public. People who manage the area are very kind and respectful. Nothing to worry about the cottages and other rentals, someone would offer it for you. 
*When we were there,  we just pay only P150 for the cottage. 
Here are the list of your entrance expenses:  
Collection of Entrance Fee
Php. 20.00
Php. 20.00
Php. 5.00
Php. 5.00
Php. 5.00
Child below 10 years old
Php. 2.00
                                   6-10 Wheelers NO ENTRY
 The cottages 


Perfect view of the sea
Witness the watchtower, located near the spring. It is really picturesque. Take a look!!!
 The watchtower
♦  Entrance ♦
♦ Videoke- singing bee ♦ 
♦  Rocky side of Obong Spring ♦ 
♥♥♥ Momentous ♥♥♥
Life may take a short time to break and have fun with friends but memories for sure would last forever. 
May words “Thank you” might not enough for me to show how happy I was at that moment.The enjoy, freedom and  the refreshing moment from heavy days of walking and smiling was really fulfilling when we had this break. Camera… clicking… shouting.. posing or else singing was worthy enough after stressful days at work. Wew!!! *-*
Life is amazing ♥♥♥


Lovelots, Bye for now ♥

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