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Mt. Uragay Spring Resort ○

May 20, 2014
Take a chance to breathe  
It’s Summer Time!!

Trip 01: Mt. Uragay Spring Resort


With my friendship ♥


Way back a year ago when my friends invited me to relax and feel fresh. ammhh.. It was summer time. Well, I needed to relax and did something craziness, so I said YES. Ahmm… Sound so sad, before the date it was my cousin’s 40 days (So sad!!!-.-). I supposed to say NO. Wew! But it didn’t matter to me and my family. In fact, my family allowed me to go and enjoy since it’s quite awhile when my friends and I didn’t meet. Then, I was exhausted for a quite few days beforehand.


Fabulous show at Barangay entrance View ♥

Psst!! It has been a year hah! hahah.. Just maybe!!! I miss My friends.


♦ Morning Sun While looking at the fresh spring!!! ♦


♦ Kuya Ronel’s rope exhibition!!! ♦


 ♦Cute post!! In front of the spring ♦
(Myko, Chin-chin, Ate Van and Mapril)

Here are some of our “THINGS TO DO” going to Mt. Uragay Spring Resort:


(You may follow if you wish. ♥.♥ So cool!!)

Things to do:
Ride a jeepney from Mandue Hi-way to Carmen
Fare: P30
Duration: 2.5 to 3 hours
Stop at Carmen Public Market (buy some foods and drinks-if you want)
Ride a motorcycle from Carmen Public Market to Mt. Uragay, Barangay Corte
Fare: P30-P50
Duration: 15 mins.
Entrance fee:                   Parking fee: 
Adult- P50                        Car- P15
Child- P25                        Motor- P10
Room A (small) – P500
Room B (small) – P500
Room C (big)   – P1,500 (We chose this since we  were more or less 10 people)
Table with 4 chairs- P150
Table Only- P100
Family Cottage- P500
Single Cottage- P300
Overnight Swimming -P100 (You don’t need to pay for this if you choose a room)
Contact number: 429-5548 or 429-8200


*All in all you can budget at least P120 for fare (back and forth)
(Ate kim told me… 😛 hahahah)



 ♦Sweet Post!! (behind- fishpond-fresh) ♦
(Ate van- Mapril)


 ♦Group Post (Cool  shining night) ♦
(Ate kim, Mapril, Myko, Ate van)



 ♦Exhausting post (after the show) ♦
(Ate van, Ronel, Ate kim, Chin-chin, Mapril and Myko)

Feel the coolness of summer with your friends. ♥♥♥ Coooooolllnnnnenesssss ♥♥♥ Visit Mt. Uragay!


Lovelots, Bye for now ♥

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  1. Bonet, karun pa jud ku kabasa ani. If wala ku pasahi ni miss joyce sa pics I wouldn't have found out nga naa diay kay blog about sa atung laag. Kanus-a man ang sunud? pretty please!

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