Moon, your bright and lovable…

April 25, 2014
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Moon, your  bright and  lovable
by: Bonetsmile

Moon, you look so bright and lovable,
Your shine makes me feel alive,
Your rings give hopes and unending beginning, 
You embrace the sky with your yellow and shining light, 
Yes, it’s the end but why don’t you give love for the last time?

May you touch the heart of hatred, 
May you breath and fly the pain, 
May you wake the sleeping mind,
Behind you is your supporting stars,
Your terrifying heart.

Never be gone and cry,
Never be so loud and dry,
No close and done,
No hate but Love,
Let the light guide your way of love and smile.

This is for you, the night is so clear to me,
This is not the moment we want to be,
Thu, years come and you fade away and gone, 
Smiles maybe brighter than undone,
Your shadow remain silent ever be gone.

Moon, this is for you,
This is for your undying heart,
A heart that love so slightly, 
A heart that fakes me,
You hurt down the bones to me.

Yet, your eyes still watching me,
Moon, please be so clear to me,
Don’t lead me down,
But guide me in heart…
Love me more than I love…


Indeed, I was a moon’s lover. It was started when the moment I lie down on the grass while looking the moon. It was bright and clear.  I could express my emotion through writing the words above. It was the day before they gone in our place. Well, I called it our place.  Yes!!!! Our PLACE… 


The ring was lovably and you may thought that it would never end. Me too. I never thought about it. It was three days before they leave the place when I wrote the above poem. I have known them for almost eight years. 

So I am left behind. But Ops!! Nothing about it!! I’m not sad but I’m not too happy. Just like a baby who left in her crib and smiling over the moon. ehehe… Life will not END in one scenario but it will continue until you found yourself inside the circle. You will know it doesn’t matter if it happened and leave you, but you will appreciate to go forward in LIFE without depending and looking back the pain and the happiness  you had with your friends. Somehow, I still believe that “We are the sum total of our PAST”. Who we are right now is because of what we got before. I learnt that from my mentor during college.  

That’s why…. NOW…”End are for yesterday, not tomorrows.” according to Mitch Albom. (remember him?) ehehehhe… a good writer.  Moreover, we live like moons who makes circle to stop ENDING yet we couldn’t stop someone to make an ENDING. 

Lovelots, Bye for now ♥

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