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May 12, 2014
 ☼Knowledge ☼ Help ☼ Hope ☼

“What we hope happens is that people get excited with reading,” 
ship captain Pat Tracy 

Floating knowledge, wisdom, happiness, hope and love
            Logos Hope is a well know ship with full of books and hope for people all over the world. It is 132-meter-long (433-foot) vessel bookshop. This ship is run by the famous shipping line GBA Ships, a German-based Protestant charity, with more than  400 people volunteer crews from different nationalities. It was started sailing for more than decades from 1970 until present They cater 150 countries and territories, and serve 42 million people. As of the moment, the ship made more than 1,500 port of call and trained 10,000 people on board. The ship contains thousands of books written by famous authors and some people from other nationalities who donated a hundred of tonnes of books. As well as, Logos Hope aims for more than century of bring knowledge, help and hope for every people.
United People


Children or even Adults receive facts, information and skills from the book over 5,000 available titles, including books for studies, professional and career interests, individual development and personal growth on board.  The book are written by famous authors and donated by kind hearten people from different countries to bring knowledge all over the world. The ship contains also cultural variety abounds with over 45 nations represented.

☼ Help 

Logos Hope extends help and wisdom to those people who are in need. The ship sails from one port to another and they able to see the needs of different nationalities. It aims to share God’s love by donating supplies, building a house, or offering a listening ear is both a privilege and a responsibility.

☼ Hope  

It is indeed HOPE for everyone. The challenge of change can be acquired and feel by the wisdom God’s LOVE.  
If you wish to know  the upcoming and port visitation of the ship LOGOS HOPE, you may click here or visit their website LOGOS HOPE.


         Why back two years ago (Jan 10th, 2012-Feb 14th, 2012) when LOGOS HOPE visited Cebu City, Philippines. I was amazed by the ship with full of books and ideas. I was lucky to experience it. Somehow, I never been tried to step a big ship before during my younger days. After college, I heard about this one in a life time event. I went there on Saturday with my best friend. I didn’t have any idea on what was it all about. Well, the moment you step into the sip their crews were very accommodating, they started first the history and gave information as well as advises about the ship. Later on, they would bring you to the bookshop. Wow!! There were lots of new publish books and I love it!!! I AM A BOOK HOARDER. You could buy as many books you want and you could play with wonderful stuffs. You could also stay there for long hours. The next place, you could witness there wonderful art museum.  Nonetheless, that was an amazing experience and it  couldn’t be change by a single penny.  
This month, one of my student mentioned about the ship that would visit their country soon. It inspired me to write this article. ☺☺☺ Thanks to her!!!

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Lovelots, Bye for now ♥

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