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March 25, 2015

“Blogging is not rocket science, it’s about being yourself, putting what you have into it.” 

I’m glad you are here with me and read my blog today, thanks in advance for that.  For one year of writing my experiences throughout something from my mind, it’s one of my tremendous achievement for my whole life and now I reach my first year anniversary as an amateur blogger. To celebrate, from the bottom of my small heart, a big THANK YOU to my readers and to those who constantly following me. 
A high five to MYKO, a writer who made his great pose/post.
(Read his blog and be inspired)
My first ever perfect captured sunset ^_^

Blogging has been part of me and crave me to bite new ideas, experiences, challenges and be more creative for my thoughts. It’s like a game of life that you need to step high, move forward, celebrate and shine. But… honestly, it’s not easy to SHINE behind every shadows. As a blogger or an internet writer, we badly need something to roused our strategies to gain more readers. 

Here are some tips: 

1.  Be Beautiful

The very first thing a reader to look at a page is your blog theme.  It’s like wearing a dress, the more you show simplicity, the more they would admire you. Lovely and eye-friendly theme is a big YES. Most internet explorers are visuals. They love to see and range over your page first than deeply understand your thoughts. Choose the best theme that would fit your personality and impress the heart of your viewers.

2. Be Creative

Let your imagination work, clean out your mind when you write and creativity will just follow; think what no one has thought, it’s an art. Share your art and come out your very best. Plus, post some interesting and meaningful pictures that relates about your topic and for sure it captures the readers’ eyes. Then, create a title that attracts there minds and prompt them to dig into your thoughts. So, is it easy? Well, believe me, you are creative no matter who you are. Just show it. Ajah!

3.  Be Yourself

Being unique is one of the best style that would let your readers stop and read your blog post. Like a sunset and a shadow, let your readers identify yourself through your own shine and spot the real you behind your shadows. Compose and share your original thoughts is worth than copying from the others.  But, the most important is to write what makes you happy and be yourself .  

Lovelots, Bye for now ♥

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