Learning is a Gift

July 15, 2014

 Ohh!! Guys, here I am again…  I want to share the new chapter of my life through sharing my thoughts about learning and schooling. For me, it’s a mind-boggling to do such tough habit. (sigh!!! I love it) Studying and achieving something is vital for our society today. (eheh) 

It’s like a lifetime investment.
If there is LEARNING, there is SUCCESS.


In every step of our life we can move forward and understand the world if we learn something new. Learning is an act of acquiring new knowledge, skills and experiences. In fact, the purpose of this is to teach people to do something and live more.
(I’ve gotten this idea from my friend.)


To learn for purpose
*Some people want to learn something new due to some purposes  such as for works, politics or professional needs. For instance learning an English Language to be globally competitive in terms of work or business.
To learn for interest
*People learn something just for recreational basis like learning sports, musical instruments, reading books or making a blog.
To learn for requirements
*People also learn something because of the requirements of the industry or at school.

However, the challenge of living are those people who are luck of passion to explore more. Not really out of passion but maybe they need more motivation to learn. Planning is the best thing to do.

Here are some tips for doing your self-learning plan:    
1. Know your goal 
2. Make a plan
3.  Manage your time
4. Realize your plan
5. Evaluate yourself 

   So, achieving something new is what people aim to reach.
Living the life with purpose and learning a life with directions. ☺☺☺

Read my Lips: 

      Last weekend my father asked me to go with him to the National Book Store (It was the first time he asked about it). Since he was not familiar with the place so… I went with him. I was amazed when the moment we entered the bookshop.  He looked for a book about Electricity written by the famous author Robert Rosenberg (1987). Amhh.. Yahh!! (I am not really interested to look for that book but my father insisted me to help him) amhh… However, the book wasn’t available.What he did next??? wow!! He got other book, seated on the floor and read it for a long time. I love watching to my father while reading and had fun. But, I felt sad when I forgot to charge my phone and not taking a photo of him. 🙁 

When we went home and he said:

 “Even an old man should have a courage to learn more.”

 The MORE that you READ, 
the more THINGS you will KNOW.
The MORE you LEARN, 
the more PLACES you’ll GO!
~Dr. Seuss

Don’t Stop Learning. It’s a Gift. ♥♥

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Lovelots, Bye for now ♥

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