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June 4, 2014
You show me how to believe… 

“You are going far. You will right your wrongs. You will forgive. You will find self-love. You are the perfect you. You are beautiful. You will never give up. You will have so much character. You will get through this.”

I dream more than a million times for every minute of my day and my night. I wake up every morning and thanks God for a new beginning. I never mind about my failures but I keep on complaining (^-^) I am just an ordinary and not famous for my achievements but you know what I am thank for!!! The onerous life. Indeed, it’s an onerous (laugh). I had a lot of responsibility at home not just plain household chores but more than that.(Yah! Everyone might experience the same thing too.) It’s all about family, studies, friends, career and love life (Do I need to include the last one? hahaha). However, I had a lot of success and simple things that I feel so bless: From the air that I breathe everyday; the simple smile and love I receive from friends and family; and the precious hug form God.
Success may not always in my hand but I keep it forever. Once in my life I dreamt to be like these:

First, to be just a teacher; (Well, this was my third choice when I was a kid but I got it through sweat and sleepless night.) Second, to have a peaceful family; (may be you and I dream about this ^_^)  Third, to find my true love. (giggle… Shh.. I’m still waiting)  Lastly, I have a dream to FLY. Well, I mean it and any forms of flying will do if someone would allow me to do it so.  (great challenge ohhh..) (~.~)
Dreaming one.. two.. three… 
Yes!! I keep on dreaming but these dreams make me who I am right now.
I go far and made mistakes.
I was hurt but I could smile. 
I remember aching memories but I forgive. 
I love myself as I love others. 
The way I care might not noticeable to anyone yet it’s from my heart. 
Maybe I am not perfect but the moment I mingle with others are the perfect moments I ever had. 
I will never stop dreaming and I hope you too. 
I always inspired from different life stories of individual. I love reading those article as well as some precious quotes from someone else. Collecting dreams and achieving it might be fulfilling. In my case, sometimes I don’t even know if I’m reaching it. I just keep on dreaming and aim high.
If we dream no one would say “Oh! it’s bad or good” it’s a matter of personal thoughts and wants. It’s a personal success that people wanted to climb, reach and touch even how high it is. No one would dictate us to dream like this or like that because it’s for free. 
If people believe me that I could hold my dreams in my own… well, there’s a magic that would encourage me to reach it. Really it’s true!!! ♥♥♥
Somehow, I don’t only dream for myself (maybe you too) But dreams can be shared and felt by others. Sharing and hoping for other’s successful life is one of my dreams. Yah!!! Believe me… I pray everyday for my enemies to feel happiness and so they may live a wonderful life. Even they hurt me so badly before, but life is not merely a scenario of hatred. I live the life with full of dreams not only for myself but for others. 
Praying for their peace of mind. ☺☺☺
Recently, I was amazed when I heard a young boy maybe around 3 years old inside the jeepney when the rain drops starting to fall down and he said “It’s  raining chocolate”  Even young ones are able to dream undoubtedly and it’s indeed, sky is the limit if you dream and there’s no limitation if you believe your dreams. 
 ♣♣♣ So don’t be afraid, just believe. ♣♣♣

I tried to reach aabove but failures in my hands always knocking on my life, I don’t care as long as I keep moving forward. 

Dreaming and doing should be together and success will follow. ♥♥♥

♦ Keep dreaming ♦
β—˜ (Photos are not mine)

Lovelots, Bye for now ♥

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