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March 25, 2014
 ♥ “If a story is in you, it has got to come out.”  ♥
-William Faulkner
Hello! I’m so happy you stopped by my blog!


          I want to tell something before you read some of my stories here in my blog. Honestly, I’m not fun of writing but  I tried to bust a gut  to make something new and write behind every words in my mindIt’s hard  to write if you aren’t motivated and uninspired, right? However, when one of my friends Charmiegi of Break Away, created a fanatic and personalize blog site of hers,  I was amazed with her words and creativity. She’s artistic and an inspired writer. I got her ideas about blogging and it’s really interesting. So then, I started my own blog. 
And now, I’m getting used to write and I’m truly addicted to this new hobby. A few days ago she told me about being a good writer is either a brokenhearted or inspired. She got that idea from the book of Noringai (Noreen Capili) about “Parang kayu pero hindi” and Iread that book, too. That book inspired me to blog and I’m also thankful to those individual who encourage me to know my inner potential behind all my sentiments and happiness. As well as, God is there holding my hands and gives wonderful thoughts. Now, I would surely say “I LOVE WRITING and it’s MY SWEET PROMISES”. Well, My Sweet Promises is a blog about my wondrous life being with some people who motivate me to write and inspire me to become a person I wanna be.
            So my dear readers, don’t limit yourself… Try to share your thoughts and publish it with love ♥… Go on and write your own life stories.  You can grab my badge and paste it to your site and let us exchange badge together. 

I’m very glad to be part of your life.
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God bless you… Keep reading. ♥♥♥

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