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Hello Love

January 7, 2020

It’s been so long for not updating My Sweet Promises and the year 2020 will be a journey of a whole life with too many rocky roads and a blank note to unfold. However, for this time as the year started for its new journey, there are a lot of untold stories to tip-off with so much of everything. Let me start with an open letter to someone. Bare with me for this moment my dearest.

Hello Love,

I put myself in the middle of the lake and thought how blessed I am to be with you. You’ve changed me for the best and for the worst. The worst part wasn’t about changing me to be the worst, and worst at all. It opened my mind to see what I want and need. Small heavenly talks and time matter as the wavy ocean to fully engage with our both wind. Issues meant to express not to worsen but to clear out things. And putting myself and yourself to the opposite shoes weren’t amiss if it crashed its importance. For communication were essential to deeply grow forward not to darken the spots. The reality’s acceptance wasn’t for impose but to work on and everything that undeniably and doubtfully results would be betterment. Waiting for the time and self-discipline became days and days, and so years and years until such self poured out from twilight to twilight. Why we went this way if promises of for keeps were meant to keep. The repetition of the same old story turned the only hopes to vanish and the desire to fade away.

Those peals of laughter and journeys were always kept starting from the sunrises until the dark sunsets. It surely didn’t want to miss any to remember everything in every second. It has been sailed and saved in a sole spot and locked with the keys of love. You taught me to see the other beauty of life. I’ve learnt to be brave and fight my doubts. My impatient self faded and slowly replaced by too much understanding and acceptance. The introvert self exposed by socials and became involved. I’ve learnt to distinguish between private and none. I sneaked out day and night for not missing time and memories. Simple teeny acts taught me to amazed and appreciate huge love. Fading the only one best cheerer and photo snapper, kinda making my smile down. But above all, stepping to the next life is what has been desired. The self-lost still wishes to find, and to every people might understand that the old and new self hopes a total faultless. For peace and forgiveness will come in God’s perfect time. For tears is full of love, and LOVE is the reason. Indeed, you’re the best part happened to LIFE.

You are always my OMNOM


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