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Golden Spoon

November 13, 2014
Simply the best. Period.
When your days become up-side-down, click the folders in your computer files and look for something good to blog and share. Ops!!! I did that way. I’ve tried to stop my boredom while thinking the things that made me regret when I refused to hangout with my friends last night; and not meeting the one who left the country for almost seven years, I clicked my folders and boom I found this one…
Something refreshing and good for the health…
These are the memories which I’d kept way back a year ago with my student NAN. Remember? I’d posted about her at Royal Krua Thai.  Plus, Nel and I went the same place last month and uplifted my emotional desire to write this new post.  Then now, the smile comes on my way while editing the pictures and reminiscing the memories with my friends. It’s simply the best. Period.

Yah!!! The pretty girls went to Golden Spoon, the California’s original taste of frozen yogurts. And now the country’s 14th branch located at NorthWing, SM City Cebu. The sweet and creamy frozen yogurts blends and kinda the DIY food to serve are specially made with meticulously crafted, super-premium quality product.

There’re only three things to do:

 First: Think the best cup size for you tummy.
Second: Choose the best savor and healthy frozen yogurt.
Third: Add flavors and toppings that surely fits your taste buds. 


Finally… This is it… 
Ohh…. Too heavy…
Look!!! It’s our big and sweet yogurt time..




When yesterday’s day and night pissed you off… just look back the memories and smile for your  today and tomorrow. Ohhhh… It’s really true.  ♥
P.S. Some photos are taken by Jennel Manatad of  Live,Laugh, Love


Lovelots, Bye for now ♥

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