Father’s day LOVE

June 9, 2014

I Love You Tatay ♥

(*σᴗσ)  (ㅎᴗㅎ )

A year ago I found and heard this song.
Every word of this song crave and live marks in my heart. ♥ 
(Click the video below and listen to this song or you may click the MP3.)

The Letter  (To Daddy)

by: Kellie Pickler

The bottle took you from me when I was a child
Robbed me of the love I needed, robbed me of a smile
I prayed the same prayer every night, especially for you
After all, that’s what little girls do.

It didn’t happen in an instant, it happened in God’s time
You’ve finally gotten sober and found some peace of mind
Yeah you faced all your demons and they finally set you free
With your back to the bottle, you’re finally facing me

And Dad I wanna tell you that, I’m proud of you for never giving up… on us
Even in your darkest hour I could still feel the power of your love… for us
And I know that we’ll make up for lost time as we walk through this world
I love you Daddy, always your baby girl…

♥♥♥ Happy Father’s day ♥♥♥

The moment I played this song, my tears fell down. It’s really an honor for a daughter like me who loves deeply to a man for a life time. I am proud to say that I have a very kind, down to earth, respectful and loving father. He’s my TATAY. 
May one and only father in this world. 
No one can replace him, I swear. ♦

 He suffered all day and night just to feed us a bottle of milk when we were young while my mom was on duty. He did not even find any job because he’s afraid to leave us from someone else. Somehow, he always gives us love and care. He guides us in a right path of life. He never leave us throughout our blues. He is the man who teaches me the best characteristics and values in life. He never fail to remind me to love GOD above all things. When he said, “PRAY for those people who hurt you. Let GOD handle it.”  One thing would never change is his unending LOVE.  I may not a good daugther but I’m lucky enough to have a father like him. He never gives up, no matter what happen. 
If I have a change to shout to the world how happy and lucky I am to have him, 
I would DO. 
Show your love to your father.

Here are the best gifts  for your father:

1. Words of love 

You might not give him too expressive things. But your dad loves to hear your word “I Love you” It makes his day wonderful.

2. Play and Talk

You only spend 20% of your life with your dad. Life is to short to say your busy or no time. Dad’s also do the same things too. Think!!! Spend more time with him, and for sure he would treasure it for his life time.

3. Respect and Honor

You never be who you are right now, so be proud you have a dad. Respect him despite of any circumstances. Honor him for his love and care.

4. Hug and Kisses

Your dad is not an expensive man. You might  be old or young but the only way to comfort and give him a marvelous gift  is to hug and kiss him with love.

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Lovelots, Bye for now ♥

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