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Exploring Malacañang of North

October 19, 2015
The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom.
-William Blake
Everything that excess might lead to something good or bad. If you ultimately endeavor through your utmost level, it would surely find your way.  Though, people right now try to give extra support, money, love, respect and trust, still it seems not well enough. However, if you just know how to appreciate and be blessed by what you’ve gained, it’s more than what you need. And if you do so, you would feel the wisdom that you’ve ever wanted. Give some extra to someone you love, be a hopeless romantic beyond nothing and someday you will know how to get lost and find your own palace of wisdom.

Appreciation is the art of life. 
It’s the last quarter of the year and it seems that my life like a fast track DVD. I’ve been through different chronicles that plays a lot of importance in this year. It has recorded only in my heart and no one can steal it. “BER months” are shining my days and lots of scenes to reminisce and still keeping more for the rest of the year. I’ve already ventured extreme experiences with my family and friends before this year end, somehow I wish for another time with them. Well, it’s not about how much I’ve gotten but  it’s about the blessings which already excess and it made me feel to my way of  own palace of wisdom. 
One way of saying how blessed I am, was to know well about the life of late President Ferdinand Marcos. I was indeed blind to his achievements due to some dismissive feedbacks. I didn’t have so much idea about him because the People Power happened the moment I was born (that was too bad). However, Ilocanos widen my mind to its extreme wonders of achievements. (Not to say here, but probably in my next post). 
Approaching the palace and its entrance ticket
Malacañang of North is the palace of the Marcos family located next to the Paoay Lake (Brgy. Suba, Paoay, Ilocos Norte). The impressive house, also known as Malacañang ti Amianan. It serves as the eyewitness of President Marcos’ great leadership and as the head of the family. The palace is fascinated with the twist of nature’s beauty and antique things designed based from architectural old Spanish style and a touch of Ilocano culture. It surprised my gaping eyes with its cavernous sala, capiz-shell windows and other colonial touches and style that exhibit the family’s luxurious lifestyle. You can easily visit the place through private ride or tricycle for as low as Php. 33 and it has an admission fee worth Php. 30. 
Open every  9:00am to  12:00nn  and  1:00pm  to  4:00pm from Tuesday to Sunday. 
Entrance area with a sweet smile and greetings ♥
Cavernous Sala
Princess-liked stairway
Cavernous Sala designed with classy elephant figurines
Specious visitor’s area
Master’s Bedroom
Salute to the President Marcos
Paoay church canvas
Imee and Bongbong Marcos’ superannuated style bedroom
 Imee and Bongbong’s cute puppets 
Filipiniana doll collections
Antique mirror inside the children’s bedroom with its residence four Filipiniana doll collections
Visitor’s area
Family gatherings and activity photos
Family portraits
Window near the master’s bedroom (with yours truly, Grace, Mj and Lalaine)
This mural painting reminisced Marcos exile in Hawaii.
National Building Gallery with Imelda’s Filipiniana made from real fiber
Landscape view at the master’s bedroom
Balcony in front of Paoay Lake
Mango tree outside the palace near the Paoay Lake
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Lovelots, Bye for now ♥

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  1. Beautiful place to see one day Bonet. Thanks for the information. Marcos has done a lot of beautiful things during his time though some of the people only counted the negative things he and his wife done to our country.

  2. Thanks for dropping by Ms. Thelma. Indeed!! The place is very fascinating and Marcos was an amazing leader, though some of our countrymen miss understood his works. 🙂

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