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Everyone is Worthy

April 14, 2021

Allow me to write this message for everyone who are having an anxiety (who attempt to end the world they have).

Please, never think you are worthless.

You might regret for doing things you tend to hate, but still you have a lot of chances to change. You might not achieve your dreams, maybe your time hasn’t come yet. You might fail someone, but that person is not the only one you have. You might feel heavy in your heart, but always remember that not all the time you feel that way. You might make mistakes from your past or even now, but that would not define of who you are.

What defines you is how God sees you within and how you see yourself. If you fell down, just hear your heart beat. Stay in silence and pray for your peace of mind. HE will provide the life you wish to have. Life is a choice. Please choose to have life. You are worthy even people you think would leave you behind. You are worthy despite of your mistakes. You are worthy no matter how life turns into gray.

You are WORTHY. God is with you.

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