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Esoy Hot Spring in Cebu

May 25, 2015
“Just the smell of summer, can make me fall in love”
Touched the heat of the sun and let the memories flew down from the top to the bottom of the river, was what my heart expressed before this summer end.  The heavy foods in my tummy along with the far-far away of journeying from the city to the mountain marked as a best trip with the gigs.  Then, the Esoy hot spring was telling me to relax and live my life wild and free.

Hooh! that’s how I define and feel the scent of my summer this year.

Straight from the left: Myko, Ate Van, Lynlie, Chin2x, Kuya Aden, Ate Kim, Arven, the couple and yours truly

And of course, it’s another memory that made me fall in love again and again with my precious friends and almost a decade of friendship (2 years to go, not to say… I’m counting hahah). We never miss to make whoopee on the rocks every summer and that’s the best thing about having something in common–(shouting) we’re the fresh spring lovers. They’re with me at Mt. Uragay Spring Resort, the cold spring of Carmen, Cebu last year.

For this year’s summer blast, we did our first ever trekking at Esoy Hot Spring, Brgy Duyan, Catmon Cebu. The place has comfortable and relaxing hot spring, and not only that, it includes different breathtaking challenges that would surely boost your adrenaline through climbing those slippery slopes and big rocks. As well as, it’s also a breakthrough for those who have an acrophobia to plunge deep-down from the top of the water falls down to the river while having fun under the fascinating paradise.

Let the place captures your laughters with…

River Jumping 

Falls Massage

Spring Plunge

Rock Climbing

Hanging Bridge

Caving (Lumanoy Cave)

(Photos credited to the rightful owners, Kuya Aden and Ate Van)

Total travel time: about 1 hr. and  30 mins.

How to reach the paradise?

  1. If you are from the outside of Cebu province, just take a plane landed at Mactan International Airport then take a jeepney or taxi bound to Cebu North Bus Terminal.
  2. From there, take a bus bound to the northern Cebu. Fare: P50/person
  3. Tell the driver or conductor to drop you at the corner of Duyan, Catmon.
  4. At the corner of  Duyan, take a single motorcycle to Esoy Hot Spring. Travel time is about 10-15 mins for 5 km. Fare P 25/person.
  5. Then, welcome yourselves with the essence of nature and walk downstairs for more than 50 steps for about 5-10 mins.
  6. Finally, feel free to witness the beauty of the hot spring and experience the extreme adventure of the river treks.

No Booking, No Entry Policy

Entrance fee P350/head inclusive:

Life vest
No corkage
Tour Guide
Hot Spring pools
Trekking around the place
Falls (Caningo Falls)
Reservation pay is worth P500 for less than 10 people and P1,000 for more.
Note: Reservation pay will be deducted upon registration and paying the whole amount, depends on the number of trekkers.
Contact numbers:  (032) 430-9542, +63923—5537-427
Open every 8:00am to 5:00pm (No rooms for over night stay)
Thanks to my friends who made me fall in love this summer. Mwah!

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  1. What a wonderful place to visit and share with close friends. Looks like you all had a glorious time. Late spring and early summer are also my favorite time of year.

  2. Hi Ms. Bea, Thanks for dropping by. That place was indeed awesome and I so love the adventure. I wish to have more time to visit your place with my friends and family again. It's my pleasure to say YES to your request. Thanks for sharing my post. More powers Esoy Hotspring. ♥

  3. The place you featured I believe is great for team building activities and for tourists who love adventure (I am!) This would be included in my "To Go" List. 🙂 I once went to Cebu and enjoyed the atmosphere and locals living in that city. I met my friend in Cebu and we toured around by renting a motorcycle at . We had so much fun, that is why I'll be coming back to Cebu for more adventures!

  4. Wow! I'm so amazed about your extreme experience here in Cebu. I recommend you to try the Esoy hot spring activities. Surely, you will enjoy a lot. Thanks. 🙂

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