#EBIGAN:A Poetry of Filipino Life

July 21, 2015
“You can find magic wherever you look.  Sit back and relax. 
 All you need is a book.”

Grab #EBIGAN now. 

Want to know the life of Filipinos and how it runs day by day through a narrative poetry? 
Well, this book would fit your lifestyle. #EBIGAN is a newly self-published book with full collections of Tagalog poems about the real life experiences of Filipinos from the exploit of  the poet. The book is highly made with fun and freedom of expression beyond the poet’s imagination and reality. A few days ago, before the book being published it’s named #Fbigan. However, due to one reason which was about a young boy named Ethan,  a 10 year old who has an eye problem, changed the poet’s mind. From #Fbigan to #Ebigan means “This is how we are connected.”- Ethan plus “bigan”- friend (kaibigan in Filipino language). The idea didn’t turn down but it inspires the poet to help more. The book also serves as a charity of my chosen foundation (The Gift Giver). 
The contents of the book are the same as what you read on the poet’s blog such as about the kinds of friends in social media, “Que Dios Te Bentiga”(Black Nazarene of Quiapo), “Loads of Bananas”(Pinoy Jeepney),“My Pecking Order”(Litsong Manok) and many others.
Maria Cielito Cando-Seidel
She’s the writer behind the blog Mrs. Punk Rock Cielito, a contributor of Aura Elite Magazine and a businesswoman based in Germany, who published her very first poetry book #EBIGAN about her life in the Philippines and Germany.  
There are few things you may know about the poet.

1. Who inspires you to write your poems?

  •  My own experiences inspire me to write my poems. My life is very colourful as a child, student, friend, lover, worker and as a mother.

2. Where do you usually write your poem? Why?

  • I write everywhere. The ideas are coming at any time and any place. But my favorite spot is in the forest. I love dreaming in the woods. I write at my best when I am close to nature.

3.What prompted you to publish your very first book?

  • I have ripe fruits in my golden basket. I felt this is the right time to sell them. This is enough to convince me to write a book.

4. What was the hardest thing about writing your book?

  • My book is “light”. I just spent more time in “Que Dios Te Bentiga”. I made a promise to Black Nazarene, that’s how He made my book light.

5. Tell us about the cover/s and how it/they came about.

  • My very first is my joy and my pride.The cover wears my tattoo which is named after my daughters.

6. How can we buy your book?

  • You can buy my book on my facebook page at Mrs.Punk Rock Cielito or on my website: 

It is a Medium A5, Hardcover, 96 white pages 
This is my fave lines from her book…

“tandang tanda ko pa
dito tayo huling nagkita
ang alon ay rumaragasa
tayo ay tunay na magkasangga”

(From the title: Blues Clues: No Shoes)
If you read the whole poem, you would probably laugh but the emotion within the text is extremely fantastic. Being Filipino, you can surely relate.  
So what are you  waiting for…?

Grab #EBIGAN Now!!!
P.S.  You may send a message on my facebook account for more info about this book or use the #MSPbook1 or #bonet for any social media accounts. Thanks.

Lovelots, Bye for now ♥

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  1. Many thanks my dear Bonet Smile. My poems, "kahit ulit-ulitin basahin, hindi kayo magsasawa."Ito'y para sa lahat ng aking kababayan sa buong mundo.Maraming salamat po.

  2. Oh! I did not know that the name of the book was change. Thanks for the information. This book is indeed a very well written poetry in Tagalog. Every Filipino can relate to this book, included me. Well done Bonet;-)

  3. It's interesting to learn the inspiration behind a poem. I find it easy
    to write what I want to say then speak it. Thanks for the suggestion, I
    will attempt to check this out.

  4. Thanks for dropping by JMIC Imagines. You may find a lot of inspiring ideas about that book. Check out and be inspired. Have a nice day. 🙂

  5. DEAR FRIENDS AND READERS OF BONET SMILE, Thank you very much for dropping by and check out my #EBIGAN BOOK. I am a Filipina who spent half of my present age in Manila. I went abroad for the first time to work and I still keep working.But this is the best time of my life when I expressed myself much as a Filipino writer.I am forever committed to my roots in my heart,body and soul.MY #EBIGAN BOOK IS ME.Maraming Salamat Po. P.S.When you are buying my book,pls.mention #BONET.

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