Dessert Factory: The Sweet Thought of Ending a Day

August 26, 2016
“Add life to your day and end something SWEET” 

Every single end of the day, it might turn into something worth to cherish or something your heart sinks. Every moment has its own flavour to taste which create meanings and wonders that you will never forget. It might be bitter, sour, spicy or sweet. Whatever flavour it is, at the end, it’s still part of you. And the best thing of ending a day is having sweet memories and something sweets on the table with so much feeling of a cloud nine.

 Dessert Factory: The Sweet Thought of Ending a Day

Life is too short to stress yourself out from various stuff happened in a day. Do something different and find your way of killing unwanted mental thoughts in your mind that triggers you to have a sinking feeling. How? Well, each of  us has our own way of facing our stress.

In my case, putting myself back to life again after facing a heavy day is what my taste buds eager to find something sweet. Those heavy workloads ruled my emotion to crave something sugary-tasted which can be my stress reliever. And Yes! I’m a sweet tooth. People surrounds me don’t know about it, and maybe you’ll be the first one (ehehe). Chocolates, ice cream, and cake are my best friends every time I felt down in the dumps. The sweet thought of ending my day with something sweet is what defines me. After my dinner, I usually went to the sari-sari store and bought a piece of chocolate bar, put it in the freezer and after 5 minutes… it’s finger-licking sweet moment of mine. (shhh… a secret)

One afternoon after my heavy shift, my colleagues and a Japanese student,  Mr. Takahisa Maeda invited me to eat out… Amhhh without my second thought, it’s my fave time, The Guzzling Time. We went to Dessert Factory near JY Square SSY Business Center, Salinas Drive, just one ride from the office. It’s my second time to dine in this restaurant and bakery. The ambiance is surely eye-catching to diners. The foods and sweets are great for appetite-sweet seekers like me. Amhh What else? That best seller banana Split Ice cream is one of my best-loved, it tastes good and kills my stress away.  

Dessert Factory holds various branches around the city such as at Ayala Center Cebu, Ramos Cebu, SSY Business Center near JY Square, J Center (A.S Furtuna), and Park Mall (Tipolo Mandaue. Open from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm . For more details and orders you may call at  (032) 233 2351. They serve cakes, chocolate drinks, coffee, teas, ice blended drinks and other tasty Chewkies (Chewy Cookies). The menu offers reasonable prices to everyone.

Pina Colada Cake-80 & Mocha Frappe- 95
Tiramisu Cake- 70
Pistachio Sans Rival Cake-80
Banana Split Ice cream cake- 65 per slice
Caffe Caramel Latte-80 
Sweet and Sour Pork- 180

A day can be tough or not, but at the end, it’s worth to jump for a joy with so much way of turning life into something better and sweeter. Do the same!!! Shout out to all sweet tooths!!! ^.^ 

Lovelots, bye for now ♥

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