Dark Side

October 6, 2014

Dark Side
by: Bonetsmile

Behind nothing is more than forever,
Meeting the bursting heart never,

A magic of wishing love alive,

Loosing  the mind and heart, I’m not tired.

Each dark draws sadness in my eyes,

But bare of hope dreams about my ways,
Hope the words of love never fade,
From the tears of happiness in the fire of ache.

Look back, my breathless losing heart,
There’s still perfect ribbon and never staying apart,
Praying from an arm of love and pain,
And years of thinking I gain.

Blessed, I hold the butterfly’s arm today,
Light still watching when I run away,

And wiping out the terrible memories,
Because every dark, there’s still HAPPINESS .

P.S. Just having another day of blessings. ♥ (ehehhe)  Behind your pain, you still have hope to feel the happiness in your heart. Stay positive and live more than what you want.
God loves you and have a blessed day. (~♥~)

Lovelots, Bye for now ♥

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