Dahilayan Adventure Park

October 28, 2016
“To adventure is to find yourself whole.”

Great things await and countless adventures lie beyond us. It is what gives life a lot of meanings and fun. It begins if we start searching what makes us whole. It is a simple way to embrace ourselves, and fulfill our self-gratification of achieving something out of our own expectations by just simply change the way we see ADVENTURE.

Trip to Brgy. Dahilayan, Manolo Fortich Bukidnon

 After a day of facing the Whitewater Rafting: Cagayan de Oro’s utmost water challenge; finally, we proceeded to our next stop and welcomed us to Brgy. Dahilayan, Manolo Fortich Bukidnon. It was as early as 6:00 in the morning when we started our journey and traveled just an hour away from CDO via taxi.
(Php. 1,200/ 200 each for 6 pax; one way).

We came across in the midst of such an eye-catching sceneries of Bukidnon farms along the huge hectares of pineapple plantations. We had a quick stopped over at the entrance of Camp Phillips and took few shots. While on our way journeying the vicinity of this wondrous place, we were all patiently waiting for the extreme longest zip line and the drop zone, and felt excited for more activities that would hit us to do a non-stop adventure. Feeling high!!!

Barangay Dahilayan is one of the 22 barangays of the Municipality of Manolo Fortich and about 15 km away from the town center. This place is the most visited spot for the adventure seekers because of its two supreme amusement park: Dahilayan Adventure Park and Dahilayan Forest  Park. The accommodations offered by this place can be compared to five-star hotels because of its romantic views and good services. No wonder why this place is such a good place for prenuptial photography and other related romantic stuff which can be both a tiptop for couples and families.

Dahilayan Adventure Park

Until we found ourselves at the amusement park on top of the hills that offers an array of rides and adventures. The Bukidnon’s best amusement park is popularly known as Dahilayan Adventure Park. It’s the most promising outdoor destination, a smoke-free and the cleanest park that features a wide range of exciting outdoor activities. The place that would probably test your adrenaline and boost yourself to embrace and love the heights.

As soon as we arrived at the Dahilayan Adventure Park, we decided to take the adventure package worth Php. 1,000 inclusive to the following rides:

The Longest Zipline in Asea  

My excitement for this challenge was drastically the highest because this Adventure Park takes the pride of being the Asea’s first Longest Zipline. About 840meter Zipline with a drop of 100meters and zooms through the rainforest canopy at 60-80kph. Oh! A must include this in your travel list.
// Nowadays, we live with a life with full of adventures and energy. However, the most important energy we can collect that would help us to live an easy life is from the nature, and the best things to have it is by getting wind energy experience from its natural power. //

320MT plus 150MT Zipline 

A simple long ride from end to end with picturesque views around the place and would enable you to ride again and again. This is a two-way Zipline in a sitting position which is perfect for the whole family.  Try it guys!

Dropzone 120 Ft. Freefall Ride

This is the best lofty ride I’ve ever had. The Philippine’s first extreme pendulum swing. A 120 ft. Freefall rides while overlooking the whole park and drop down to the man-made lake which creates an extreme heart pumping effect throughout the challenge.  A must try!

Skytower Base Jump

Known to be the highest para jump in the Philippines and equals to the 8 storey platform. This is my first ever trembling jump. It took me about 10 minutes to decide if I gonna jump or not, but an extreme less than a minute of free fall and ended at the soft surface.
How to get there: 
*From Cagayan De Oro by Jeepney (travel time: 1 hour and 30 minutes )
1. Go to  Agora Market Terminal, CDO or Gusa Terminal
2. Ride a van  (Php.60) or jeepney (Php. 50) bound for Camp Philips, Bukidnon
3. From Camp Philips to Dahilayan take a motorcycle-for-hire (fare depends upon the negation with the driver)
*From Davao City or from the southern parts of Mindanao
1. Take a bus bound for Cagayan de Oro City.
2. Drop off in the town center of Manolo Fortich.
3. Take a motorcycle-for-hire straight to Dahilayan Adventure Park.
(Php 200.00)
*Choose Dahilayan Adventure Packages and avail the free transportation service from Cagayan De Oro to the said place.   
For more ZipXtreme rides, you can avail the adventure packages anytime, just visit the Dahilayan Adventure Facebook page and their official website. And check out the regular rates here:
Extreme challenges are what makes the life interesting. Go beyond the limit of finding yourself as a whole. Take the challenge of ZipXtreme adventure.
Good Luck!!!!
Lovelots, bye for now ♥

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