Cebu’s Canyoneering: The challenge of being fearless

May 16, 2016
“Replace fear of the unknown with curiosity and dreams”

A life changing activity knocks the heart with full of fun and excitement. The ups and downs might lead to something better, or it might pull to something worse. The numb knees, a fast beating heart and fears are not the reasons to stop moving and jumping forward on what life might bring. The obstacles are the beginning of a thousand things to be done. Sometimes, the true meaning of ourselves is built in from the hidden pieces of our path. And the true meaning of our path are the millions of adventures to find ourselves whole.

Face your Fear: Take the challenge of Canyoneering in Cebu 

The greatest way to escape a dull life is to be fearless and begin the adventure of vitality, but what it scares the most is the challenge that never been faced. Fear, of course, is an experience-crushing and life-dawning, but one thing never let my fears overruled me is because I choose not to be…(giggle) well, just kidding. Yes, I’m an outdoor person, yet I’m still in the process of conquering my acrophobia. Nonetheless, given the chance to face the country’s best adrenaline booster of all time, known as Canyoneering, is one of the best fear-killer I’d ever tried.

 What is this all about? How it made me feel so much awesomeness?
Well, when Cebu worldly opened this exciting and thrilling life adventure with unique secure of the environment, people around the world scream to experience an awesomeness escapade. I wished to try too, however, it took me a hundred times to convince my friends for this thrill but then, nobody agreed with me. “So if you wait.. it will come in a right time.”  until such an invitation knocked on my door… and without a second thought… a big “YES” came out from my mouth.

Canyoneering or Canyoning in Cebu is an extreme water sports simply by engaging canyons and activities such as climbing, swimming, hiking, rappelling and waterfalls jumping.This kind of activity must go with courage and determination, that’s the main key not to lose your way while killing your fears away.

The breathing scenery, cold-refreshing water, sweet-nature hopping, fascinating rock formations and experience adrenaline-booster trekking. Those are just a few meanings of what Cebu’s Canyoning experience brought me when I tried it with my colleagues (namely: Ram, Lotes, Hewish, Brandy, Salma, Miggy and Josh). And also, one thing would lead this activity more awesome is with people who encourage you to  move forward and jump up to the next level of canyoning challenges. Be excited for 70ft jump, a death-defying activity. (ehehe) It made me think about Taylor Swift words, “Being fearless isn’t being 100% not fearful, it’s being terrified but you jump anyway.”

Yael Canyoneering: The trusted adventure team

When this life changing activity called my name, the first thing popped up in my mind was my safety. Although at first, I had a doubt to undergo this high-risky challenge, but choosing the right tour guide made me feel so comfortable and secure. And I’ve learned that to have a successful and safe canyoning activity… TRUST and LISTEN to your tour guides are the main keys.
Nonetheless, in choosing the right one, you must consider its expertise of doing canyoning. You are able to trust your life for this kind of daring yet frightening adventure in one day without knowing what will happen next. On our tour, I highly recommend you to choose Yael Canyoneering Team. Sir Jhed Lobingco is the man behind this trusted team, together with Sir Esoy, Sir Eric and Sir Jef. They are all long time residents of the said area and who are truly trustworthy, humble and kind.
Yael Canyoneering unlocks the thrill of adventure that extremely includes challenges and exceptional thrills of canyoning experience. They aim to provide a safety amazing water sport escapade with much more exciting and fun to fulfill the clients’ exploit and eagerness to explore the nature’s gifted scenery. #TeamYaelCanyoneering

How to reach the place? As easy as 1 2 3… 
  1. From Cebu South Bus terminal ride a Ceres bus bound for Alegria (Php. 140-150 back and forth). Around 4:00am starting travel time is highly recommended. 
  2. After 3 to 4 hours of travel, drop off at hi-way of  Brgy. Madridejos, Sitio Sangi,Alegria. As you reach the place, the team Yael Canyoneering welcomes you warmly with a big smile and greetings. They would ask you first to take your breakfast at the nearest restaurant. 
  3. Proceed to Yael Canyoneering Station at the street of Sangi, Alegria crossroad. Gear up and be ready. 
  4. Next, walk down the road or ride a motorcycle-for-hire to the Alegria Tourism Office for  registration and brief information on do’s and don’ts.
  5. From Sitio Sangi crossroad, travel for three-kilometer by motorcycle-for-hire and arrive at  Brgy. Compostel, and trek for 5 mins. to Kanla-ob river.
  6. Now, be ready for the challenge… trek, swim, jump and refresh yourself for about 4 to 5 hours depending on your pace from Kanla-ob river to Kawasan Falls Brgy. Matutinao, Badian.
Jump and experience the Cebu’s best canyoneering 
The team is always open for your reservation in advance. No reservation fee needed. Just set the date and number of participants and contact the team through calling/texting via this mobile number: +63(935)412-4939 or send a message through Facebook Account: Yael Canyoneering . Or you may directly visit the Station at the crossroad of Sitio Sangi, Brgy. Madridejos, Alegria and look for Jhed Lobingco. 

Regular rate: 

  • 1 to 5 pax- Php. 1,200 per head with lunch (800 without lunch)
  • 6 to 10 pax- Php.1,000 per head with lunch (700 without lunch)
  • 11 to 15 pax- Php. 900 per head with lunch (650 without lunch) 
  • Strike off:  Just mention about where you’ve read this information and state my name “BonetSmile” Boom!!! you will surely get a Big Discount.  Enjoy!

  • Transfer from Brgy. Malabago to Kanla-ob River, Brg. Compostela Alegria
  • Transfer from Kawasan Falls back to Sitio Sangi, Alegria  (motorcycle)
  • Entrance Fee (Brg. Compostela Alegria) and Exit Fee (Brg. Matutinao,Badian)
  • Life Vest and Helmet
  • Professional Tour Guides
  • Dry Bag
  • Lunch/dinner and cottage use in Kawasan Falls

What to wear: 

  • Wear your own rash guards/leggings, trekking shoes/sandals or running shoes and socks.
What to bring:
  • Action camera (e.g. GoPro)
  • Zip locks for non-waterproof phones
  • Googles (if you’re wearing contact lenses)
  • Floater or Straps for your cameras
    Best time for Canyoneering Activity: 

    • Canyoneering from Kanla-ob River to Kawasan Falls takes approximately 4 hours, depending on your speed (for jumping, trekking and picture taking). The best staring time is 8:30am-9:00am and end up at Kawasan Falls at noon. The cutoff time is until 1:00 pm for big groups, 2pm for small groups. 

    A Must-try!

    Stop your oozing fear with this life changing activity, the Cebu’s best Canyoneering is here. Take a deep breath and be safe with the Yael Canyoneering team. Just lead your heart to a wonderful water sports experience. So, you guys must try and surely you will have a refreshing summer blast.

    Choose Cebu Canyoneering, Choose Yael Canyoneering. 

    P.S.  Watch out for our video soon.

    Lovelots, Bye for now ♥

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    1. Your writing technique is awesome… I wish to try a canyoneering soon. πŸ™‚

    2. This is a very interesting and adventurous travel Bonet. I hope I can try that one day. Of course I will suggest this travel to my batchmates when I am there in Pinas again. Thanks for sharing.

    3. Thank you so much Ms. Thelma. This is one of the best adventures in Cebu. You can try it anytime and just gave me a call so I could accommodate with your tour. πŸ™‚ Keep safe πŸ™‚

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