May 14, 2014


“Girls abducted from the safety of their school,
Abducted from the lives they know,
Dear Lord please give them courage
And save them from this woe.
Give those who search for them
Insight and knowledge too
We cry and plea for their safe return
This we ask of you.
Bless their families with strength
While they have unanswered questions galore
And their hearts are breaking for sure.
Bring this nightmare to an end please Lord
We ask this of you, We plead
Bring these girls home, for its home where they need
To be.
Save their innocence
Save their lives, save these girls from this fate
Save them from this life of hate.
Send in your light
Give the seekers sight
Let the girls be found
Let them be safe and sound.”
– Laverne Schwimmbacher: 12th May 2014

Young girls who were abducted by vicious  people from their fellow men Nigerian are now suffered from haunting moments. Almost 220 teenagers caught and kidnap at their schools last April (shall I say a month ago). One of the member of   Boko Haram (group and militant organization based in the northeast of Nigeria, north Cameroon and Niger) released a video about the girls’ situation. The group used them for rape and other sexual abused acts. Somehow, there are six reasons why the group become such a threat to national security in such a short period of time:

1. Political connections
2. Imbalance between north and south
3. Sharia law
4. Government crackdown
5. Nigeria’s complicated ethnic and religious mix
6. Military limitations

 (For more info please click here)

 Parents of the said girls are now suffering and hoping for their children to be back. Some concern net citizen sent their bleeding heart messages to the family of the victims and asked for the freedom. People use the #BringBackOurGirls to speak out loud the wisdom. 

Laverne Schwimmbacher, a concern poet who wrote the above poem for the abducted girls.

A teardrop from the world’s eyes
Bitten by the sinners’ hands
God may bless them with love and courage 
to open their hearts for the girls’ life.
I may not part of the country which are affected of the incident but I am part of the world who cries for the girls who suffer a lot from the hands of criminals. I couldn’t help  myself to see the pictures of crying people and the victims. I am so proud for those individual who love, concern and have faith to God to show how we hold our hands together for the girls. 
The worlds today are crying, hoping and begging for the safety of the girls. May you please send and campaign about this #BringBackOurGirls and REAL MAN DON”T BUY GIRLS.

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Lovelots, Bye for now ♥

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