Best Cebu Blog Award 2016: Hello to My Sweet Promises, the (food) finalist

November 8, 2016
 “Anytime you play a finalist, it’s going to be a challenge.”
~Steve Nash

Life into a blogosphere brings an amount of hidden success and happiness. The place where every web writer focuses on the road of unexpected challenges that comes to the point of valuing simple things even just facing the screen and reading comments from avid readers. It is a place where we want to go and not having fears of sharing the hidden thoughts of experiences and knowledge. This is a place where every blogger has a freedom of expressions and chances to bump into an unknown individual that secretly changes their lives with full of sweet promises.

Then, upon knowing who would stand out in the world of blogosphere every year;
Best Cebu Blog Award comes out and chooses the best bloggers around Cebu.
Being a food finalist (2016), I am blissful to be in this place. 

Reaching the unexpectable moment of my blogger’s life allows me to believe the other side of living a life with a lot of unexpected blessings. I started blogging due to emotional circumstances and it became my regular hobby. Then, blogging leads me to know that blogosphere is not just an ordinary life I’m into right now. It embraces me for doing something beyond I’ve never expected and teaches me to reach the unreachable times of my 20’s. Writing my thoughts, reading good feedbacks and touching someone’s life through my personal stories motivate me to continue learning and sharing my blog posts. It’s indeed amazing of achieving something far from my dreams.
 Until such something unexpected happened way back two weeks ago. I opened my email account and regularly read updates from my favorite bloggers, but surprisingly, I received a new message and it’s from Best Cebu Blog email account. I read my name on the greeting side and thought it was just an email advertisement (because I didn’t have any idea about BCBA before). First impression upon reading my name…”Hi Carbonette” (hahaha) It’s kinda freaky!!! I always laughed if someone used my first name because I’m not used to be called that way anymore though I found it so cute. Then, I read “Congratulations” with the whole details of that message.

Speechless!  Wow!  Amazing!  Is it for REAL!  Gosh! 

A lot of expressions came out from my mouth. I couldn’t believe it! So I re-read it until I apprehended that it’s for REAL.

As a blogger, (finally, I claimed myself a “blogger”)… I don’t have so much eagerness to be on the acme of such an achievement like this and I am afraid to be in the spotlight. And maybe this is the time to break through something far from being an introvert. On the other hand, I am so blessed because of Almighty God, my friends, my readers and the people surrounds me are keep on believing my capabilities as they never left me behind; instead, they keep on supporting me  to be on this road of success,
Honestly, I am greatly honored to be a finalist in this category, although I don’t have a lot of articles related to food category, but this blog is the compilation of my life experiences through my travels and food reviews. I started blogging out of the blue due to emotional circumstances, but later on it leads me to continue stepping forward and achieve something beyond my deep expectations.

As a finalist of BEST CEBU BLOG AWARD 2016 under BEST CEBU FOOD BLOG category, THANK YOU SO MUCH to be the chosen one and says: “Hello to My Sweet Promises, the food finalist of #BCBA 2016”

BCBA celebrates its 9th year of  recognizing best bloggers and blogs in Cebu that stands out with its great works from the world of the blogosphere. I always believe, Cebuanos produces excellent bloggers from various niches and all of them are worth to be the finalist. And the goal of this event is to create a good comradeship and fair judgments of choosing the outstanding Cebu bloggers of the year 2016.

The 9th Best Cebu Blogs Award will be held at Crown Regency Hotel and Towers on November 27, 2016. The big night is organized by blogger volunteers headed by Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. Founder Mark M. Monta.

This event has a great support from the following sponsors:

CO-PRESENTERS: PLDT Home, Megaworld Corporation; RIDESHARING PARTNER: Uber Philippines; GOLD SPONSORS: Crown Regency Hotel & Towers, and  Jollibee
BRONZE SPONSORS: Huawei Philippines; MEDIA PARTNERS:  Cebu Bloggers’ Society; OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER: Alvin Asayas Photography; PARTNERS: Cebu Fitness Blog, Face Cebu;  Geemiz: Accounting Blog, iJuander Cebu, Almera Talks
DONOR SPONSORS: Krispy Kreme Philippines, Greenwich Philippines, Starbucks Philippines, Memoriter Writing Services, JKA Glass Enterprises, and  JAVDERS (Cebu Projectors for Rent)

Success doesn’t lie in “results” but in all forms of being the best of your own version of who you are. To all my fellow bloggers and #BCBA finalists; this is not the end of the success we’ve got, we are all winners as we leave a legacy to the new generation by the power of our hidden thoughts of experiences and knowledge across the web. The challenge is to continue the legacy!
Thank you so much!

Lovelots, bye for now ♥

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