Balay Samaritano

October 24, 2014
“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”
~Albert Pike

The Beautiful Ending
Life is not an ending piece of nothing. 
Life can be a magical way of serving the others. 
It will not end by just a click of one day 
but it will stay forever in your heart. 
Last October 18, 2014 we had an outreach program held at Balay Samaratino. It was a beautiful  semestrial ending together with my Philo-Socio classmates. We celebrated the last day of our class with street children and some elderly who are disable and no families. We had feeding program and short games for kids. And it was my first time to spend with those kids who are very pity but happy of being who they are. Even if, they have different perspective about life but they only have one goal and that is, to survive under poverty. I felt that they need more attention, foods, love and prayers from benevolent people. So, if you have that in your heart, you can share it with them. 
The Balay Samaritano (meaning โ€œHouse of the Good Sama-ritanโ€)  was established last September 08, 2009, as a drop-in center for elderly street dwellers and street children. The center aims to provide a “homelike” atmosphere from the victims of poverty who lives in Cebu. The basic service of the center is to impart foods and a place where they can do their personal needs such as laundry and bath. The management and volunteers provide those street children particularly rugby boys and homeless elderly a support to sustain out from the struggle of their daily living and to develop holistically as a human being by first addressing the basic needs. 
The Few Hearts

Life is full of everything but only few are bless with everything, 
But it’s a matter of  sacrifice for those who are in need of our heart. 

The Reason

Poverty is not an accident nor not natural, 
But it’s a matter of how we comfort the impecunious people even the hardest times of living.
The Purpose
Helping is not an obligation nor a responsibility, 
But it’s a matter of  how we share simple things we have and love the unlovable.
The Way of Love

People are born to feel the rapture of being alive.
But it’s a matter of how we step and embrace destitute person who needs our hug.  
The Happiness
The most beautiful smile is the one that struggles through tears,
But it’s a matter of how you show your sympathy behind every pain. 

The Life
What can we do to be more magical in our life?
It’s a matter of how we serve, share and understand the feelings of others. 
Visit now and be an example to everyone. 
Balay Samaritano is open for volunteers and donations from kind-hearted individual who are willing to share their blessings @ 32 Mabini St., Cebu City near Cebu Cathedral. 

Lovelots, Bye for now ♥

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  1. Hi Lame,

    Thanks for dropping by. Actually, we directly visited the place and negotiated for a schedule of our program according to your preferred time. They're open daily and welcome to those who are willing to help. God bless too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Do you have any kind of suggestions for composing short articles?
    That’s where I constantly battle as well as I just end up gazing vacant display for very long time.

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