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A Second Chance is Wrong, Why?

July 9, 2020

Why people got this nonsense thingy things in life? How to avoid wrong chances from someone? Is it true that a second chance is wrong?

People tend not to fight for love because of their pain, ego and pride. Is it greater than love? What would it lead you? Are you hurt? Do you think you are the only one hurting? Maybe you are right, or maybe not.

People are vulnerable. They boast themselves to do such things that can make everything worst or the best. It’s up to them, they have their lives. But sometimes they never fight back. People are too craven to face the reality of every reason why things happened like this and like that. They never tried to dig why people left and they didn’t hold on for something better. Instead, they are too gutless for holding things and never see the bright side of everything. They are full of hatred and anger.

People can easily bump into a new one (Sh*t those people who can easily find someone new). I don’t know if it is right, but for sure they have reasons which is too vulnerable, but still I know they are worth to love and beloved. Maybe, sometimes they would believe that you are the worst person on Earth that they have ever met because you hurt them so badly for walking away, and the other people are better than you. Aren’t you tired of bringing heavy stuff in your heart? Why you didn’t grab back in the first place when you had a chance? And instead pushed that person away. Are you having peace of mind by doing it?

Not every one wishes you to be hurt, even the one who left. Some people are praying for something the best, that’s why it happened. Don’t you know why they walk away? Maybe, you don’t understand the deep reasons, because if you do, you would know how to fight for love. And win back the life you have shared before and continue with a better future.

Yes, people left, not because that person is out of love or something else. They have reasons that only you can find out if you wish to. But, (for me) love is greater than mistakes. (Anyway, people have different beliefs.)

If people went back to you to patch up, it means you are worth for everything despites the emotional struggles they went to, before that person decided to leave. You are worth for future decisions which can turn them at peace. You are worth for the love to fight for. Never take forgranted for the person who changes themselves and did crazy stuff just to be with you again. Never take forgranted for those people who sacrifices for love, unless you’ve already unloved them.

Everyone deserves millions of second chances, only if they are in the right person who knows the value of real love more than something else. Only those who believe in forgiveness would hang on for chances. It ain’t wrong to love, but maybe you’ve asked that second chance from the wrong one.

Always remember: Love comes from different boxes. Pain comes from different boxes too. But, chances only comes from the right box….only from those people who know how to open their hearts again. Choose the right one and believe that a second chance is never wrong!

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