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A half day tour to Baguio City (Part 1)

November 24, 2015
 “Life ain’t always beautiful, but it’s a beautiful ride.”
Once in our lives we wish to escape from the past that keeps on flashing back. The downfalls that we wish to forget. The people who block our way and the moments which pulling us down. Those were just a nightmare of our dreamy night. However, these were just a part of us and everything has already changed. The past doesn’t define our future anymore. There’s always a big gap between the two and that’s how we treasure every utmost of our life right now. No regret and no tears. Take it easy and keep moving.
Life, we need is to get out and enjoy the ride.


Two months ago I’ve told you about my Trip to North escapade.
Riding a bus for eight hours was revolting experience. Wew! I never thought I did it; but at the end, I enjoyed a lot while watching those enthralling views from Manila to North. Then, I had my first every touchdown to the Summer Capital of the Philippines, Baguio City. This fascinating place never turned me down visiting its fave spots for just one night and a half day, instead it gave me reasons to appreciate everything around it.

1. Upstairs Bed and Bath

Upstairs Bed and Bath: reception area and hallway

When I hit town the night before our half day tour, together with my college friends, we endured that the ever coldest temperature of our life, it was about 14 degrees. Gosh!! I was really shaking inside the SM mall for the first time of my life. (hahaha) In fact, they didn’t turn on the air-condition compared to the other cities (that’s amazing).

Then, the taxi driver sent us to Upstairs Bed and Bath. We booked a Shared Double Deck Beds (SDDB)  Dormitory worth Php. 320.00 per bed/night. The room was good for 6/pax, but it was too big for us since we were just four. The place provided us a nice amenities such as bed, hot shower and wifi, good for just backpackers like us. Then we unwound for a while and had our dinner at the mall. We proceeded to the night market and bought some stuffs afterwards.

Nearby the place: Pamana, Hawaiian Backyard Bbq, Tsokolateria

2. Mines View Park

On the next day, as early as six o’clock, we started to roll around The Mines View Park. Ops! When we got there, we had our first crack at buying strawberry taho. Then inside the park was its captivating mountain view, colorful horses, blooming flowers and plants, and a chance to be like an Igorot. Lastly, we went over the place and bought some strawberry jam, ube jam, and some souvenirs nearby (shopping galore for our love ones).
This was what we viewed there, a man who lives from Ilocos Norte and traveled too far just to be alone and had some peace of mind while viewing the peaceful place. Shhh… I thought he was heartbroken (giggle)… So we talked to him and… please took us a picture… (jajaja)
The Enchating View 
Feel like an Igorot tribe for as low as Php. 20.00 costume
Snapshot with St. Bernard dogs for just Php. 50.00
Grab some fresh bonsai plants (so love it ♥)


3. The Mansion

The next stop would be the official summer residence of the President of the Philippines, and an inspired Spanish style inside and out located at Romulo Drive, Baguio City. The Mansion is just a few meters away from Mines View Park and it took only five minutes to travel by jeepney. We took a hike from the place down to the other two destinations (Wright park and Botanical Garden).

4. Wright Park 

Just across the street of the Mansion, we could feel the fresh air from the stunning views of pine trees. A free place for every visitors is what the Wright Park brings to everyone.  Also, it’s just a walking distance from the pool site down to the circle, and the thrilling long path refreshed everything in our mind, when we got there.

The gigantic trees lining Wright Park’s famous Pool of Pines
The Wright Park’s Horses
Php300.00 for an hour and Php200.00 for half an hour.


P.S. More spots, pictures and expenses breakdown on my next post, stay tuned.. .
“A half day tour to Baguio City (Part 2)”



Lovelots, Bye for now ♥

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  1. I haven't visited Baguio for quite a while. It's good to know that the familiar places I've been to still look nice. They're worthy of revisit.

    Ohh, I love those dogs!

    Enjoy and I look forward to reading the next part of your travel.

  2. Hi there! I saw that you visited my blog. So I thought I would return the favor. Thank you for sharing your life! I really enjoyed the pictures!

    Keep dreaming! Keep writing!

    Bye for now!

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